The Guardian Project Breakdown

It's time; I've seen enough of the Guardian Project presented by the NHL and Stan Lee (note; not Marvel Studios) to recognize some pretty lazy creative work out of the folks behind the project.  So here's a running tally of each of the Guardians; and each of the characters the aesthetic look was "borrowed" from.

At this point; after thousands of views; I've taken a fair amount of criticism that 'I don't get it.' or 'It's not targeted towards your demographic.'  Hey; no shit.  I'm just pointing out the "inspiration" behind these characters; the wholly unoriginal takes on superheroes.  So keep that in mind.  If I was 7, you'd bet I'd want a Sabre figure.

The Panther

The Panther is awesome.  So awesome in fact; he's the Black Panther.  They got T'Challa down to the gold fingernails.  Now to be fair; Black Panther's suit is in fact black (not the bluish hue it's got there) nor does he have the Meg Ryan mid-90's shoulder pads; but man; this is one of the worst rips yet.  At least they ripped a sweet ass character.

The Senator

The Maple Leaf

I for one am not convinced that the Maple Leaf wasn't aesthetically built around the Thing of Fantastic Four fame.  Take a gander at the screenshot on the "reveal" video for the Maple Leaf; is that how bark looks? No; it looks like Thing's God damned rock skin.  Now TeknoDweeb pointed out Groot; which is like the grossest thing I've ever seen outside of the Maple Leaf; that has basically the same powers as the Leaf; but it just doesn't aesthetically add up.

The Avalanche

The Avalanche; such promise. In fact; I think they did a real nice job with the armor/suit; except of course; the fact that you already used the Mr. Freeze look on the Sabre (minus the helmet).  But you can't be stopped; give the damn Avalanche the helmet! I knew I saved Mr. Freeze for a reason.  Fun fact: there's actually a Marvel character already named Avalanche; so congratulations for not taking the really easy way out and extra kudos for making the guy better than the Marvel character.

The Coyote

It took me a while; but I was able to track down the maroon and gold costumed Wolverine to match the Coyote; the homeless fence jumping vagabond of the Southwest. But the duster? Long nails? Looks like they took that straight off Victor Creed (Sabretooth) from that God awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine flick.  Also; please note that those darts? Yeah; straight from Bloons.

The Star

It's not quite perfect; but in all honesty I actually rather like the Star.  Unfortunately; he doesn't have a great match, what we do have is Constrictor.  He's got that snake skin coil thing going on; not quite Apocalypse's coil madness, but it's something.

The Flame

I'm a little pissed the Flame isn't more of a Dormammu type character; who's utterly bad ass.  Instead; we get the Phoenix Force; most famously took over Jean Grey for a time; creating the Phoenix character there for the X-Men.

Instead; we've got the flame and his lava balls (is he ricocheting one off his knee?); add in the Cyclops fire gaze.  Huzzah; the Flame!

The Blue Jacket

Unnecessary firepower? Blue Jacket; meet War Machine. Yes; it's just Iron Man with a whole lot of guns on top of it, but it is what it is. I'm not satisfied though; he's just got an ass ton of cannon's but the style isn't quite there.

You know what else is missing? The Blue Jacket really reminds me of the Tin Man for some reason? Anyone else getting that vibe?

No; just a miniature Optimus Prime? I can believe that.

The Red Wing

So after being shutdown by last night's entry; we've got the Red Wing; who just so happens to really look like Beetle, Mach-IV, Mach-V, whatever the hell he's going by these days.  Obviously not 100% here; probably could just pick a red and white transformer and go tah dah; but this is what I'm going with.

Mach-V with Speed Racer's helmet on.  Boom.  The wheels though; can't explain the wheels.  You have jet engines and you need wheels? I'm confused.

Some folks on Twitter have been all like; that's just a Transformer; so you tell me; is it?

The Capital

Does the NHL Guardian Project have me stumped? For the time being; yes, yes they do. Right now I'm sitting on Red Wing; Falcon's compatriot; but he's just a bird. Like not a man bird with a giant bulge in his pants bird, just a bird. Give me some time; I'll think of something.

The Canadien

It's like I don't even have to try anymore. The Canadien is most definitely; most certainly; most indubitably inspired by Marvel's Iron Man. I'd love to make some sort of B-list character for a B-list franchise joke; but the success of the movies make that impossible.

At first look; it really doesn't scream Tony Stark at you; it's something else. I know others have seen it; and no I'm not talking about Joseph Gordon Leavitt; I'm talking the only tried and true Cobra Commander. Must be the color scheme I guess.

The Canuck

Glad I wasn't the only one to see this one...immediately.  Holy Batman Canuck.  I'm not quite sure what is goin' on with the fins morphing into his head and fins; but if that isn't just a plain old rip off of the Dark Knight; well; then the Sedins aren't twins.  Sure am glad they made the utility belt green though; might've really gotten confused.

The Bruin

It'd would be pretty lame of me to point out that The Bruin, a gigantic singlet wearing bear, wasn't original. I mean; of course they were going to put out there a giant singlet wearing bear. So, to continue the theme, today's look-a-like is Ursa Major from an era of Cold War comics; prominently featured in the Russian faction "Soviet Super Soldiers." The more you know.

The Shark

To think if the Sharks had that much killer instinct in May; they'd have like 6 Cups by now; but we all know that isn't Shark season. So tonight they released; the Shark. I give you, DC Comics'...the Shark...eating a man.  Delicious.  Marvel Comics has Tiger Shark; but he's too humanoid for this.  Gotta go with the Shark; for the Shark.

That said; the water skies have me stumped; not sure that's really prudent for a tech savvy genius, but whatev, don't harsh his mellow man.

The Predator

I even know this is a reach.  But if you're going to pick somebody that the Predator emulates; it has to be Cyber.  Metal skin; claws; etc.  Obviously; the whole sabretooth tiger head thing is a little different (Zabu anyone?  Seriously; what a pull); but can't say that's exactly original, you know with the whole Mustard Sweater and everything.

But check this out; smtorsch thinks he looks like Sabre Sword Tiger from a toy line Battle Beasts from the mid-80's.  Yeah; that's way outta my wheelhouse. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

The Lightning

I'm completely flabbergasted; there's not a single character (aside from Ares) that sports some sort of ridiculous mohawk. But there's definitely one that controls electricity; appropriately named Electro; but doesn't at look like The Lightning. But, but, Black Bolt most certainly does.  Also, Mr. Lightning?  Silver Surfer would like his surfboard back.

Update: Check this out; Black Lightning from DC Comics gives off a distinctly...lightningy...vibe.

The Oiler

What? You can't tell who the Oiler is ripping off? Don't you know who he is? He's the juggernaut bitch! Complete with unnecessary arms/wrist bands; pop off that helmet and you got yourself the Oiler.

The Wild

It's true; the Wild does look pretty cool; minus Havok's attack.  But you can't deny that The Wild looks awful similar to Wolfsbane, minus the tights.  But come on; it's a superhero; of course they're going to wear tights at some point.  Can't you just hear The Wild snaringly with little pew pew pew sound effects going off all around him? I can; I most certainly can.

The Devil

Without going into exactly how terrible a photoshop The Devil is and exactly how this doesn't look like a hero at all; don't worry; we've got a match.  Why it's simply Bloodhawk from the little run X-Men 2099 series from the Mid-90s.  Give the Devil the face of alternate universe Thor (Beta Ray Bill) and boom; you have your Jersey Devil.  To be honest; I almost would have rather they just copied the likeness of Bloodhawk completely; rather looks like Lamoriello.

The Flyer

Too easy Marvel. We've got the Flyer here; obviously Angel; one of the original X-Men. Mix in the awkward face painting of Archangel and boom, all done.  At least give me a challenge Marvel intern X.

The Sabre

Look at that; I had it all wrong.  First take of the Sabre I thought maybe Iceman? Silver Surfer? Dr. Manhattan?  All have one thing in common that The Sabre doesn't; armor.   They're all butt ass naked.  Then it hit me; they just took Pyro's get up; and stuck a water guy in there.  Tricky Marvel, but still totally unoriginal Marvel.

Update: ScottyWazz points out the obvious that I missed; The Sabre has an uncanny resemblance to DC's Mr. Freeze, cryogenic suit and all.

The Blackhawk

We've got another melding of two characters; this time; to bring you The Blackhawk. There's been about 40 different iterations of the Crimson Dynamo; but there's always one common theme; red armor. Throw in the wings of the Wasp; and look at that; you've got the Blackhawk.

Tracy; down there in the comments likens the Blackhawk to Valiant Comics (way outside my comfort zone) X-O Manowar. What do you think?

The Hurricane

Aesthetically; you can't not help but compare. A pretty keen likeness between The Hurricane and Night Thrasher no?  Give him ridiculous Shatterstar hair; and boom; we've got Night Thrasher riding a tornado.  I think this one can be improved on; anyone have better options?

Update:  As much as aesthetically Night Thrasher looks like The Hurricane; Abram Fox points out that the twister the Hurricane rides in on; well; that looks awfully similar to DC Comics Red Tornado.

The King

You wouldn't believe the amount of Batman images I had to wade through to find an acceptable image of "Black Knight" a Marvel Legend occasionally featured with the Avengers. But wait; he has no shield you say? The hell he doesn't have a shield.  Matter of fact; The King is so lazy; the shield is the same exact shape as the Black Knight's.  Really?  There's like 1000 different ways to design a shield.

The Penguin

You may know him as "The Penguin" but for anyone who's anyone born after 1980, we know him as Cyclops. Or in a seemingly even more awful rip-off, anyone born after the year 1995 knows this character as "Frozone" from the Pixar movie "The Incredibles."  For shame.


Vance said...

Is this super nerdy or what?

Keith said...

This isn't a Marvel Comics production. Its Stan Lee's own company.

Anonymous said...

You're stretching on the Jersey Devil one which is basically using the legend of the Jersey Devil and putting a New Jersey Devils' logo on it.

Tracy said...

The Blackhawk is a dead ringer for Valiant Comics' X-O Manowar

Anonymous said...

"I'm completely flabbergasted; there's not a single character (aside from Ares) that sports some sort of ridiculous mohawk"

Didn't Storm (from X-Men) rock a mohawk in the late 80's or early 90's?

Anonymous said...

The Canuck is Batman

Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought of for "the Flyer" was Kratos from God of War for his head. Pretty much an exact replica.

AB Pos said...

Um. As for "Lightning" ... make him a woman and...

Mohawk Storm. Done.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian looks more like Cobra Commander with lasers

Anonymous said...

The Lightning is Stardust, former herald of Galactus.

Anonymous said...

The closest thing I can think of for the Capital is Stratos from He-Man

Anonymous said...

The Capitol is based on a Muppet, I think:

Brandon G said...

the Capital is based on "The Falcon" and

ysi. said...

Tank top, big muscly arms with tubes? The Oiler has kind of a Bane vibe, no?

ysi. said...

The Star also owes a lot to Electro, seeing as he has the same colour palette and electricity. But the metal on his arms/legs comes from Cable/Forge.

Anonymous said...

I think The Capital kind of looks likes DC's Hawk (of Hawk and Dove). The Stripes on The Predator's arms are very reminicent of Wolverine. And The Flyer looks alot like DC's Zauriel

DJCheezWizz said...

For The Capital I get a Harvey Birdman vibe...

Anonymous said...

The Capitol is Bird-man (not Harvey Birdman).

check him out here

Anonymous said...

Why no Senator look a like?
If I had to choose I would go with Thor, simliar orgin story too.

Anonymous said...

I thought The Lightning looked more like Quicksilver. Minus the board and lightning power.

Nick said...

You're right about the Wolverine resemblance to The Coyote, but you have to also call out Cartman's The Coon as a similarity.

Anonymous said...

If you take Electro, and give him a glare mask like football players wear, you've got the star, I thought the cobra comparison was good, but come on its electro from space!

nick4094 said...

Seriously your an asshole, who would take this much time just to rip on some old guy. Do you know how many characters he's created. At least he's trying, I bet you can't do any better you dickhead. Why don't you go get a life

Marcin said...

Those are really cool comparisons. Are you goin to update the list with all the guardians?

Anonymous said...

you need to learn how to use semi-colons

Kara Veronica said...

Loved your comparrisons, and agreed with most of them, though I'm suprised you didn't list a few.

The Senator/Ares resemblance for one. I dunno, Sen just screams Ares to me.
The Ranger has a strong Capitan America vibe to him aswell

and the Avalanch? How you were saying it was more original than just ripping Marvel's Avalanche? Um... thats totally the suit they gave him in the X-Men Evolution cartoon...

Also, The Maple Leaf is really starting to remind me of a Mutant Ninja turtle... Random cross-spawn anyone?

The Star also screams Electro to me...

Redwing and Blackhawk remind me of the old Transformer toys.

Finally, am I the only one who remembers Dinsey's 'The Mighty Ducks' cartoon?? Cue 'The Duck' classic...

Rachel said...

For the Capital I'd have to say it's a combination of Sam the Eagle of The Muppets and DC's Hawkman!

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