Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BanginPanger on Flyers Corner

Last night had to go ahead and drop some knowledge on those Flyers homers at Flyers Corner and my personal stalkers FlyersGoalScoredBy.

Some pretty good discussion on some of the major issues surrounding the Sabres - Flyers series such as, but not limited to:
  1. Chris Pronger's health and how he changes the dynamic of that roster,
  2. Ryan Miller's late season injury and confidence in Jhonas Enroth,
  3. The Pegula Factor,
  4. The Ennis n' Gerbe factor,
  5. The Briere - Giroux - Leino line scaring the shit outta me, and
  6. Doing blow off Sean Avery's backstraps.

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You can follow the hosts of Flyers Corner on Twitter at @SethDH and @Mtrible.  Yeah; some predictions coming later this morning; gotta get my photoshop on first.
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