Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Playoff Prognostication Part 2

I, being a wannabe Jew, obviously had to wait until the first day of playoff games were in the books before I would post my playoff predictions that no one cares about. Pens will win every series ever. Ever.

To the Windows...

1st Round2nd RoundConf. Finals
Washington in 5
Buffalo in 7Washington in 6
Boston in 7
Boston in 6Boston in 7
Pittsburgh in 6

And the Wall...

1st Round2nd RoundConf. Finals
Vancouver in 5
Anaheim in 7Vancouver in 7
Vancouver in 7
Detroit in 6Detroit in 7
San Jose in 6

Much like Vance, Vancouver is my pick to win it all...unless of course that shitty shitty PK of theirs lets them down. And Boston fans will be able to relish in the fact that at least their hockey team doesn't suck...or whiff on balls. BOOM.

Montreal sucks.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I think your predictions are just fine and I hope for your sake that you are correct!

Now going off topic, I have to ask you. Will you ever finish your article on the "Guardian Project Breakdown" as I really enjoy it and hope you would complete it soon. Thanks.

PS - Also look at the comments on the Guardian Project Breakdown as a couple of those comments have suggestions who the Capital and Senator mascots are based on.

The Real 54 said...

Boston's sittin pretty right now Denson ;) Vancouver all the way

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