Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mark Pysyk Is Goal Oriented

To the uninitiated, and by uninitiated I mean non-Buffalo Sabres fans, the name Mark Pysyk may not mean too much.  The Sabres 2010 1st round draft pick has set his short-term goals pretty lofty; becoming really good friends with Taylor Swift.

Originally pointed out (to me, at least) by ScottyMCSS of Buffalo74; Pysyk has been on a 2 week crusade to charm the pants off the country star who writes a song about every guy she ever let get to 2nd base (Isn't that a warning Mark?!).  By the way; have I mentioned that this has gotten absolutely hilarious?

My favorite?

Or maybe...

No Mark, it's not creepy, it's hilarious.  You have to check out the rest of his feed.  Chirping Bieber is a ballsy move, but Pysyk pulls it off.

The whole hockey thing has been well to Pysyk too.  Putting up 40 points (6 G + 34 A) in 63 games, good for 5th on the Oil Kings Roster, an all around strong showing from a guy known for his prowess in his own end.

You really do need to follow Mark Pysyk, Captain of the WHL's Edmonton Oil Kings here.


Jonathan said...

Great a guy going for a Country Star. Should they just trade to Nashville now?

Vance said...

If it nets Ryan Ellis then I'm ok with it.

Mike said...

Haha, everyone knows girls are always extremely impressed when people are voted mvp in bowling. Nah, thats not creepy at all....

Host Pay Per Head said...

It is quite weird. Specially when he send the second tweet. Probably he should just stick with one tweet.

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