Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking at the Eastern Race. Again.

I'm going to throw you Leaf and Devil fans a bone here; an updated "Combined Remaining Opponents Win Percentage" graphic with Toronto, New Jersey and Atlanta included.  They join the Rangers, Sabres, and Hurricanes on it.  I'll include the numbers to make it a little easier to read.

Maple Leafs

So, if you'd recall, that's calculated by taking their remaining opponents combined total wins, divided by that same number plus total losses and Overtime losses, aka true 500.

I noted this on Twitter; but if you don't follow (how come not?) take note of this.  The Devils do currently have the weakest remaining schedule this point.  Over their next 5 contests, their opponents combined win percentage is a mere 37.38%, then over their final 12 games, that number will jump to 52.66% (as it stands now).

But man; poor Thrashers; with 3 contests remaining against Philadelphia (and a matchup with the Canucks); you can see why their number is so much higher than the rest.


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