Monday, March 21, 2011

Breaking Down the East; One Last Time

I've about worn this topic down to the ground; but one last mega-stats post before we hit the final 10 game stretch seems appropriate.  Let's break this bitch down.

First off; I just pasted images of my Excel files in here, too much of a pain to do through tables, so you get pictures, get over it.  There's two different sections; on the left is the remaining schedule with opponents current records then their combined winning percentage.

On the right is the current season series between each team and their opponents, then the goals scored for and against during those season series.  The two final stats then are the franchise's winning percentage against only their remaining opponents, then the goal differential of them as well.

7th Place: New York Rangers

  • Rangers have, by far, the easiest schedule heading through the stretch, with their opponents combined record 34 games under .500.  I use true .500; get over it.
  • Goal differential is bloated due to the thrashing they gave the Islanders this year, en route to a 4-1-0 record.  They scored 4, 6, 2, 7, and 6 in their 5 games against the Isles.
  • The Rangers are the only team with a record over .500 during the season series' against their remaining opponents.  Only the Leafs are at least .500.
  • Only 2 of the Rangers 16 wins came in OT against remaining opponents; they did not lose any games in extra time.
  • Only 3 of 8 remaining opponents are in division.
8th Place: Buffalo Sabres

  • The Sabres have the 3rd easiest remaining schedule, with remaining opponents a mere 3 games over .500; yet against that schedule they have the 2nd worst record during their season series.
  • Of 10 remaining opponents; the Sabres only outscored the opposition in 3 of those season series, with the Columbus "series" being a sole game.
  • 6 of the Sabres 14 wins against remaining opponents during their season series' came in OT/SO.  They lost 3 as well.
  • Only 2 of 10 remaining opponents are in division.
9th Place: Carolina Hurricanes

  • The Canes remaining opponents are a combined 4 games over true .500.
  • The Canes dominated the Isles and Thrashers; but were dominated by the Caps and Canadiens.
  • All 3 matchups between the Sabres and Canes were 1 goal games, 1 decided in OT.
  • 4 of 5 games against Atlanta went into extra time; the Canes won 2 in SO, 1 in OT, and lost another in OT.  Overall they won 5 in extra time; lost 3.
  • 50% of remaining games are in division; 3 with Tampa Bay alone.
10th Place: Toronto Maple Leafs

  • The Maple Leafs combined opponents are a total of 3 games under .500.
  • Of the 13 games they won against their remaining schedule; only 2 were in extra time.
  • Leafs are only 1 of 3 teams (Rangers, Canes the others) that had a positive goal differential against their remaining opponents during their season series.
  • 4 of 9 contests remaining are Northeast Division contests, whereas just 2 of the other 5 are in the rest of the Eastern Conference.

11th Place: New Jersey Devils

  • Devils remaining opponents are combined 35 games over .500.
  • In their season series, 7 of the Devils 13 wins, that 54% there, were decided in OT/SO.
  • A -21 goal differential during their season series' is the worst, as is only outscoring 1 opponent, yet they are "winning" 2 different series.
  • The Devils have the toughest remaining schedule; with only Sabres, Isles, and Leafs below true .500.
  • 5 of 10 against Atlantic, the other 5 against Northeast Division.

12th Place: Atlanta Thrashers

  • The Thrashers have the 2nd most difficult schedule remaining, but matchups with the 27th & 28th teams offset games with the Flyers and Canucks.
  • 6 of the Thrasher's 13 wins in the season series' came in OT/SO, almost 40% of their games against their remaining schedule went to extra time.
  • Just 1 division game remains for Atlanta.
That's as much data mining as you'll get outta me today.  Now armed with knowledge, dominate arguments with Devils' fans who know they'll sneak in the 8th spot.

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