Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breaking Down 7 - 9 in the East

Last night's Rangers - Sabres tilt was pivotal in terms of closing the gap between the 7th and 9 place squads in the East (it's no Western Conference, but I don't give a rats ass about the West so you can do your own work). Hell, SportsClubStats now has all 3 clubs, Rangers, Canes, and Sabres with over 50% chance on making the playoffs (not sure how that works). I may not be able to predict the future; but we can definitely take a look at the schedule to see how it could all play out.

First off; the first of many charts clocking an interesting piece of data; a real-time look at the each of the Rangers, Canes, and Sabres remaining opponents win percentage; calculated as Wins/(Wins+Losses+Overtime Losses).

Here's how it sits now.

  • The Rangers' (with 17 games remaining on their schedule) opponents have a win percentage of 48.92%, the combined record at 525-427-121.
  • The Hurricanes' (with 18 games remaining) opponents have a current win percentage of 48.76%, the combined record being 553-435-146.
  • The Sabres' (with 20 games remaining) opponents have a win percentage of 49.96%. Their opponent's combined record is 632-482-151.
I'm going to keep a running tab on this (Excel rules) and move forward posting how it changes daily.  There should interesting to see how it changes with hot teams (Islanders, Sharks, Bruins) leaving the data, and how easily statistics can change from day to day.

Here's some other factoids that might just interest you in the race for the 7th and 8th seeds in the East.
  • The Hurricanes and Rangers both have 6 games against seeds 1-6 in the East (in 18 and 17 games, respectively) while the Sabres have 7 (in 20 remaining games).
  • Each team has 3 games left against the Western Conference.
    1. 1. The Rangers have the Wild, Ducks, and Sharks.
      2. The Canes get the Blackhawks, Blue Jackets, and Red Wings.
      3. The Sabres have the Wild, Predators, and Blue Jackets
  • The Rangers and Sabres have 1 more contest remaining, the Rangers and Canes do not play again, while the Sabres and Canes play 3 more times this year.
  • The Rangers have 5 games remaining against division leaders: 2 with Philadelphia, 2 with Boston, and 1 with San Jose.
  • The Canes have 4 games remaining against division leaders: 3 with Tampa Bay and 1 with Detroit.
  • The Sabres also have 4 games remaining against division leaders: 2 with Philadelphia, 1 with Tampa Bay, and 1 with Boston.
  • The Rangers record against their remaining opponents this year is 21-25-1; including going 0-4 against Philadelphia, whom they play twice.
  • The Hurricanes record against their remaining opponents is 20-16-5; including going 0-3-1 against the Caps (2 left) and 1-1-1 against Tampa (3 left), 4-0 against Atlanta (2 left), and 0-1 against Buffalo (3 left).
  • The Sabres record against their remaining opponents is 26-22-3; including 0-2 vs Philly (2 left), 3-1 vs TOR (2 left), and 1-0 vs CAR (3 left)
I can't imagine there's anything left I could possibly could cover here.  Now with all this knowledge; who you got making it?


dlv said...

i see it as Canes get the 7th seed and the sabres get the 8th and once again rangers just miss out

Host Pay Per Head said...

I think that it is interesting that the numbers are moving and I really like to see more competition.

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