Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where I Want the Winter Classic

Listen; yeah; baseball stadiums are practical. Football stadiums are pragmatic. But let me tell you something, practical isn't fun, pragmatic is boring. Pragmatic is putting the Pens or Caps back in the Classic next year; practical is putting it in Minneapolis. I want none of those things. I want some flavor, some variety, some flair.

So naturally, here's a list of all the coolest places that the NHL could put a successful Winter Classic, that would actually be a spectacle, something that would get on ESPN, and not because of the weather.

Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada

Maybe just meters (I'm using the Canadian system so they don't feel neglected) from the Canadian Parliament wouldn't be the greatest idea, but somewhere along the 7.8 kilometer stretch of the Rideau Skateway there must be room and infrastructure capable of setting up temp bleachers for a hockey game.  Yeah; you won't be able to pack in 80,000, but at least Senator fans will actually be able to go to a game in Ottawa.

Lake Placid, New York

That might not actually be Lake Placid, but the aesthetic works so piss off.  Bring in Mike Eurizone and you have yourself a Classic.  Patriotism abound, bring in the Rangers, play some Canadian team (or the Caps, with all those Rushkies) and you've got yourself sightlines and a non-typical locale that the media would just eat up.

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Yeah; I know I said football stadiums are boring.  But this is Lambeau.  This the place where legends, blah, blah, Howard Cosell something or other.  Look at that image; that looks like hockey.  You want to give Minnesota a Classic, give it to 'em in Wisconsin.  Suckers.

Any Major College Football Stadium Ever

Beaver Stadium at Penn State.  The Horseshoe in Columbus. The Big House in Ann Arbor.  Imagine Joe Paterno on skates; Classic indeed.

National Mall, Washington D.C.

A logistical nightmare? You betcha.  But if you can crowd a couple hundred thousand for an inauguration and have no trouble, you should be able to skate a couple Russians out there and everything would be cool.  Again; capacity would be quite low, but they can just cut down those damn Cherry trees.  George Washington approved.

Lake Tahoe, California

Do something remarkable NHL, give California a Winter Classic.  Rob Lowe already loves the idea.  Give the fans of San Jose and LA a reason to go to a hockey game by putting it up at Lake Tahoe.  You were upset about losing the city skyline view in Pittsburgh to play at night? Lake Tahoe provides something that actually looks nice; it would be glorious.

Ok, I actually have to get back to work; but what do you all think?  Give me something that isn't Target Field, Foxboro, or Busch Stadium.  I'm talkin' Inner Harbor, Baltimore.  I'm talking giving the Hurricanes a Winter Classic in Barkhamsted Reservoir in Hartford.  

Do it.


Nuuuuugs said...

The lake idea is sick, probably a logistical nightmare, but who thinks logically around here anyway. Great Lakes, Salt Lake, any giant body of water that could potentially freeze is an awesome idea. Baltimore Inner Harbor is a pretty sweet idea too, Hudson Bay, Alaska's inside passage, or if they need an excuse to stick Crosby back in it, Cole Harbor.

Anonymous said...

The Vacation Classic
Florida Vs. Tampa Bay @ Daytona Beach.

Host Pay Per Head said...

It looks like an amazing place. Specially with all those castles. I would like to there.

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