Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What? Heidi Montag Not Available?

In what might be the most telling sign of Entourage's fading star; check out the celebrity guest for this year's ECHL All-Star something or other: Kevin Connolly.

You know; I'm not entirely sure what they're advertising. Is it a skills competition pitting the Condors against the ECHL All-Stars? That doesn't really add up; nor is it fair. I guess.


DCThrowback said...

Dude, he's there for Make-a-Wish. He's also a hockey fan (a big Isles fan, if I recall), so he probably agreed to stick around. Kind of nice of him isn't it? Read the flippin' poster.

Vance said...

Come on; as if he's not bein' paid. Don't be naive; he's not drivin 2 hours to Bakersfield from LA without the retainer.

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