Thursday, January 13, 2011

My NHL Guardian Project

If you can guess each character and what he, she, or it comes from, and correctly aligned to the team they represent; good for you.  Seriously; good for you.

Seriously though; I think my power might be pop culture empathy.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts on the campaign:

AB Pos said...

Why do I get sucked into such silly prize-less challenges.

Firstly - Randy Constan as the Leaf? I hate you. :(

Let's see if I can get 'em all:

Toronto Maple Leafs - Randy Constan (seriously. I hate you.)

Buffalo Sabres - Fred Flinstone

Tampa Bay Lightning - Pikachu

San Jose Sharks - Sharko (from Sealab 2021)

LA Kings - Burger King (*shudder*)

St. Louis Blues - Blues Clues

Ottawa Senators - Belushi from Animal House

Anaheim Ducks - Darkwing Duck

NY Rangers - Blue Ranger

Montreal Canadiens - Brendan Frazier as a mountie

Dallas Stars - Troy Aikman

Columbus Blue Jackets - John Wayne

Vancouver Canucks - Free Willy

Pittsburgh Penguins - Chilly Willy

Florida Panthers - Pink Panther

Boston Bruins - Smokey the Bear

Calgary Flames - Will Ferrell

Edmonton Oilers - oil-covered Pelican

Chicago Blackhawks - Blackwawk helicopter

Nashville Predators - Carl Weathers from Predator

Phoenix Coyotes - Wile E. Coyote

Washington Capitals - Uncle Sam

Detroid Red Wings - Red Wing boots

Colorado Avalanche - Abominable Snowman

New Jersey Devils - South Park Snooki

Minnesota Wild - the Wild Hogs

New York Islanders - Jamaican bobsled team

Atlanta Thrashers - Tony Hawk

Carolina Hurricanes - Hurricane Chris

Philadelphia Flyers - whoever the guy in the apron is

How'd I do?

Anonymous said...

AB Pos pretty much nailed it. The Flyers' guy is a flight attendant by the way. If you look closely the writing on his apron says "JetBlue" flipped horizontally.

Host Pay Per Head said...

I think that it is a great line up but I think that it would be great to add GI joes.

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