Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is It Time to Re-Evaluate George McPhee?

In the wake of the Washington Capitals utterly baffling and ever frustrating 8 game losing streak; watching the Capitals fall out of 1st place in the Southeast Division for the first time since the Van Buren administration.  With expectations through the roof and the increased scrutiny of 24/7 coinciding with the fall of the Capital juggernaut, the clamors for change, namely in the form of Bruce Boudreau's firing, have clamored from many.

It's easy to totally disregard the fact that Bruce Boudreau has the best winning percentage of any coach with at least 250 NHL games coached; it's convenient to disregard the fact that he's changing the way his team plays defensively, a tactic that won Lindy Ruff a Jack Adams, yet an 8 game losing streak demands immediate reactionary moves.  Well, now that they've won again, maybe it's time to take a look at what George McPhee has done, and oh he has done things, to help this team get over the proverbial Stanley Cup hump during the Capitals rise to prominence.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Remember the Guardian Project?

Remember when this was first announced?  Remember when we all kind of laughed?  Now read the descriptions of each; and hit the floor rolling.

Anaheim - The Duck - "Rebel with a trust fund"
Atlanta - The Thrasher - "The consummate southern genteman"
Boston - The Bruin - "The Beantown brute"
Buffalo - The Sabre - "A human hydroelectric plant"
Calgary - The Flame - "Controls the element of fire"
Carolina -  The Hurricane - "A barometric nightmare"
Chicago - The Blackhawk - "Big shouldered friend of the windy city"
Colorado - The Avalanche - "The Rocky Mountain mad man"
Columbus - The Blue Jacket - "Serious minded Union soldier"
Dallas - The Star - "A celestial enforcer of the Texas plains"
Detroit - The Red Wing - "Automotive empath of the Motor City"
Edmonton - The Oiler - "The roughneck protector of the great white north"
Florida - The Panther - "A fun loving denizen of the Florida Everglades"
Los Angeles - The King - "A regal ambassador of the City of Angels"
Minnesota - The Wild - "An uncontrollable force of nature"
Montreal - The Canadien - "Legendary protector of Quebec"
Nashville - The Predator - "Titanium Music City super cat"
New Jersey - The Devil - "Underworld maverick of the Garden State"
New York - The Ranger - "Futuristic Manhattan crime fighter"
New York - The Islander - "The resident guardian marine"
Ottawa - The Senator - "Half man, half god - all superhero"
Philadelphia - The Flyer - "The punishing warrior of Broad Street"
Phoenix - The Coyote - "Mysterious drifter of the American desert"
Pittsburgh - The Penguin - "The gritty young savior of the Steel City"
San Jose - The Shark - "A technological genius and software empath"
St. Louis - The Blue - "The master musician"
Tampa Bay - The Lightning - "A bold brazen lightning rod of the Florida Gulf Coast"
Toronto - The Maple Leaf - "A fierce immovable object"
Vancouver - The Canuck - "The resident guardian sage"
Washington - The Capital - "The winged crusader of the nation's capital"

Who's pumped for their "first adventure" during the All-Star game?

This could have been kind of neat; just incorporating elements of the logo, mascot, etc. into something for the kids; instead; they're just ripping off the team name, singular-izing (I'm making that a word) it, and adding 'The' in front of it.  Wow; don't get too creative; don't want anyone hurting themselves thinking too much about what's going on. 

Isn't it sad; I don't know whether it's Stan Lee or Gary Bettman who doesn't know where they are right now.

(Note: I voted for the Sabres - Senators matchup; and now it won't let me view their descriptions now; somebody write that down.)
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