Monday, November 1, 2010

Looking at the Sheldon Souray Saga...

...without the biases of an Edmonton media scourge.  That same scourge that has painted Sheldon Souray the worst person on the planet ever.  Yet; the only people we ever really hear on the subject (because they're the only ones who care?) are those same Canadian journalists.

That is; until he arrived in a Hershey Bears uniform.  Now we have a fresh look at the guy; a fresh look at the 'locker room cancer' and 'bad character guy' that is Sheldon Souray.

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Now if you'll remember; this all broke out initially in early April of this year; with a Sportsnet piece on him wanting a trade; firing shots at Edmonton management on his presumed way out the door.  Souray claims that management forced him to play; knowing he was nursing an injury and that he wasn't cleared at all; then questioned his commitment to the organization; knowing full well he willingly signed with them as a free agent.

Fast-forward to this season; with the well-documented saga continuing up the Hershey Highway (that's PA Rt. 322, just FYI); where he was loaned to the AHL's Hershey Bears after being asked not to show his face at Rexall Place for training camp.  Don't want to sour the kids with all those bitter grapes right Tambellini?

Souray was thrust into the spotlight once again when, like back in Edmonton, Souray broke his hand in a fight.  Edmonton journalists could've rioted after hearing that news.  "That's just like him; fighting in a meaningless minor league hockey game".  Ok; maybe that's not verbatim; but it was certainly insinuated, inferred, in...sert verb here.

Then in Harrisburg's Patriot News; the Hershey Bear's beat reporter Tim Leone, and members of the Hershey Bears, painted a far different portrait of Souray than we've seen in the years since Souray played in Montreal.

Some quotes from the article:

Hershey Bears Head Coach Mark French: “I think he did what he felt he had to do. I thought the timing was very appropriate for what he did. I think it shows how much he’s involved, how much he’s committed to be here. If anything, for me, and probably more important for the team, it solidified that he is a member of this group.”
Winger Steve Pinizzotto: “It’s funny how the Canadians are giving him the gears for fighting, because it’s the Canadians who seem to love the fighting the most. He’s not showing a downside at all to be down here. To have him in the lineup is huge. Clackson is a pretty tough kid. It just shows the damage this guy can do. It’s nice to see him get out there and fight, for sure.”

Sheldon Souray: "That’s one thing I wanted to come here and make sure these guys knew is that I’m in it with them. We’re all in the same boat. We’re all here to try to make the NHL. I didn’t want anything less to show on the ice.”
His quote says it all. We're all here to try to make the NHL.  Where the Edmonton folks want him to stay out of scrums, try not to get hurt, retain any and all value, while they work the phones.  He'd rather play his game; regardless where; the same game that unfortunately gets him into injury trouble, that same game where he consistently stands up for his teammates (5 times plateauing over 100 PIMs).  That sounds like the exact opposite kind of guy he's been portrayed by just about everyone, everywhere.

So you can add Sheldon Souray to the laundry list of guys who've moved on from Edmonton: Chris Pronger, Ryan Smyth, Joni Pitkanen, Erik Cole, Lubomir Visnovsky, and on.

Maybe it's time for Edmonton to look at how they do business.


Anonymous said...

Only Pronger specifically asked for a trade. Please do your homework before making any insinuations.

Anonymous said...

No where does it say they asked for a trade; rather they "moved on."

Pronger: Asked for a trade.
Smyth: Pending UFA traded; could've re-signed with the Oilers; chose Avalanche.
Pitkanen: Traded to Carolina on UFA day when it was clear he wasn't going to re-sign.
Cole: Yeah; Vance; do your homework.
Visnovsky: 5 year contract; traded after 2.

Issere said...

I would have ask questions a long time to find out the real deal :)

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