Monday, October 4, 2010

Ugliest Hat on Earth? Ugliest Hat on Earth.

This is simply egregious. It is unquestionably the least wearable piece of headware on the planet; and naturally; it's an NHL team. Naturally; it doesn't make any sense.

 So; I consider myself pretty up on logo changes, especially being a Sabres fan (with our bait and switch every 2 years), but, for the life of me, I cannot recall when the Flyers added an alternate logo of a cartoonish Chris Pronger snarling gorilla caricature. My God; there isn't a view of this hat that makes it at all wearable.

I guess it's supposed to be a broad street bully (no shit, Vance).  But honestly, it looks more like your drunk ginger uncle who touches the rest of your cousins.

Either way; I'm not sure what New Era is thinking releasing these hats; but hey, they are most certainly the ugliest collection I've ever seen.  At least the NHL Shop isn't carrying them; which is utterly surprising with all the other shit they put out there.  Even funnier?  The official New Era store isn't even listing these monstrosities on their website; take that Lids.

You should buy me one.  And if you do; make it the Phoenix one.


JenK said...

I don't know... that blue cap/black&gold brim for the penguins is just plain disgusting.

Kevin said...

That looks more like Scott Hartnell. Pronger's hair isn't that Orange...

Dan said...

It looks like it might be there short-lived mascot Slapshot

Anonymous said...

I would buy one. After all, deer hunting season is not far away.

Anonymous said...

the philadelpha flyers were once known as the broad street bullies.....thats their logo on the bill of their hat. do some research.

Anonymous said...

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