Monday, October 18, 2010

The Main Difference Between The NHL & AHL?

Oh you thought it was talent; no way; not with Wade Redden, Michael Nylander, and Sheldon Souray eating huge minutes in AHL franchises, no sir, it's not the talent gap at all. Nope.

It's the bling.

This Saturday saw the Hershey Bears raise the banner on their AHL record 11th Calder Cup Championship; and receive their championship rings. Here you'll see John Walton's; the voice of the Bears; ring.  Thanks to OviFan8 of SweetestHockeyOnEarth for the images.

For those that can't tell; that image on the right says "Win 60 Season", "Consecutive 24 Home Wins", "Total 34 Home Wins", and "Calder 11th Cup"; which were all records set by the 2009-2010 Hershey Bears.

Ok; now let's compare that to the Chicago Blackhawks rings.



Anonymous said...

very uggly the hersey bears ring.... said...

I think is cute:)

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