Thursday, August 5, 2010

Game Over: I Quit The Internet

Can we get a transcription of those lyrics? Yeah we can. Thanks to Dany Heatley Speedwagon, aka, best name ever, we have our friend, the Hungry, Irrational Leafs Fan, back with his latest triumph. You absolutely need sound here.

"The Leafs will win the Cup this year
the Habs n Sens will win their cup in a 24 pack of beer;
Yo; you know you had enough when you're beaten by Phaneuf,
and not a lot of men can beat Luke Schenn,
and you'll be running for your mommy but you'll run into Komi,
and the goalies will feel regretful when they're beaten by Phil Kessel,
you heard it hear DAWG!"

*Lyrics by Sens_Suck

So Colby Armstrong recognized you from a video? Sure that wasn't never? Sure that wasn't Shrek?
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