Monday, July 12, 2010

The Other Russian

Since apparently this free agency period has been claimed by ego-maniacal douchebaggery; in multiple sports mind you; there's been little activity in the secondary market while we wait, and wait, and effing wait for some indecisive bastard to choose between his 15 year, $1140143 gazillion dollar deal, or his 17 year, $221312 bajillion dollar deal. /LONGEST SENTENCE EVER.

There's been one guy floating around (and no, I'm not talking Ovechkin in the defensive zone) who has the most to lose, but potentially gain, while we all wait on Ilya Kovalchuk. That is; of course; Alexander Frolov. He's coming off a 5 year deal, worth $14.5 million, coming to a very affordable cap hit of $2.9 million. Obviously; his tenure with the Kings could very well be coming to a close, depending on when and where Kovalchuk signs.

Now for a guy who topped out at 35 goals, and 71 points (when he was their only option two years ago) and had 19 G, 51 points this year (on an actual good, competitive team), $2.9 million is a steal.

Yeah, he's gonna get a raise. But what's he waiting for? Well, I wish we'd knew, but with the MSM just lathering up Kovalchuk's shaft for the past 3 weeks, we don't. But here's what we can assume.

In lieu of the fact that he hasn't signed anywhere yet; when I'm sure there's suitors in the likes of the Pens, Isles, and elsewhere, he must desire to stay in SoCal with the Kings. Maybe it's a family issue?

So is Frolov going to continue to wait for the Kings; and for Kovalchuk; when he's obviously already been labeled as the 2nd Option White Russian (sounds like either a beverage, or a sexual position, I'm not sure, but I think I will invent both later), and somehow not feel jilted by Lombardi and Co.?

Obviously the Kings have cap space now (but won't later when the need to sign Quick, Doughty, and others), so can they sign both White Russians?  I tend to think Quick and Doughty are just an eency weency bit more important to that team's success than Frolov.  No offense, rolly Frolly.

Now if Kovalchuk does sign with the Kings today, as was widely speculated upon yesterday, and multiple days before, what options does that leave him?  Does he take a one year deal, a la Hossa, with say the Pens, to play sniper to Crosby's playmaker?  Or does his agent go calling to one of those franchises who need to reach the cap floor, like the Isles or Les Thrash looking for an absurd overpayment?

Or like we've seen with so many (and by many I mean a few) of his countrymen, will he fly the coup, and just head over to the KHL?  This is probably as likely as anything.

I don't know, nor will I pretend to, hence why I laid out every single potential option, which kind of makes me a dick.  What I do know is that Kovalchuk continues to piss off everybody while he clamors for his $100+ million, including me.


Anonymous said...

Quick is signed up to the 2012-13 season.

Anonymous said...

Quick isn't all that important, anyway - he's a placeholder until Bernier is ready.

(well, Bernier actually IS ready, but Quick theoretically has the starter's job since it's a buyer's market on goalies right now and the Kings aren't going to deal him until January at the earliest)

Anonymous said...

A "Second Option White Russian" should be one that uses well vodka instead of top-shelf brands. Either that, or one that uses fat-free milk instead of cream.

I can absolutely see The Dude drinking Second Option White Russians at the end of the month.

Vance said...

I'm so thankful somebody made a Big Lebowski reference; makes my effing day.

As for my example of the Thrashers needing to hit the cap floor, as Ben Wright, he of employment by the Thrashers, so nicely pointed out to me: "The Thrashers will be above the cap floor when they re-sign RFAs Little, Bergfors, Eager, Ladd, MacArthur, Pavelec."

It's funny because they're going to sign Ben Eager.

Anonymous said...

Quick is already locked up for a couple years. The Kings next big contracts are:

& Bernier

Anonymous said...

Quick is gonna go in a deal for Gagne. Not necessarily the best idea, but I think it will happen. Wouldn't really need Frolov at that point. We would have Kovi, Smyth, Gagne and then Westgarth/Richardson/Clune for the 4th winger. Could just pass on Gagne and try to sign Frolov and demote him to the 3rd line with Handzus. Would be a pretty slow line, but one of the best puck possession lines in hockey with Simmonds on the other side if he stays on that line.

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