Friday, July 23, 2010

In This Case; I'm a Blue State

Let's just go ahead and laugh here for a moment; at New Jersey, at the Devils, and particularly Ilya Kovalchuk. Thanks to Ilya, we've filled up ESPN's .03% quota of NHL coverage for the Summer with a single poll, and the best part? How entertainingly scathing the whole "results" thing is.

Is ESPN even allowed to talk about hockey anymore?

Whether it's 29 other jilted fan bases (nope) or just how shitty that contract really was, well, sorry Devils' fans, you stand alone. Devils fans; you're kinda like Leonidas and the Spartans, nobody is backing you up, you're all alone, and there's only 300 of you.

You know what; when it's segregated like that, you really do get the armpit joke.

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Libey said...

I'm from PA, and I agree with the New Jersey people.

The NHL was absolutely not justified in rejecting this contract. Unless they have explicit proof that Kovalchuk agreed to retire before the end of the contract, this contract obeyed every rule of the CBA. Sorry, but the NHL's wrong (as usual).

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