Thursday, May 13, 2010

Montreal: Your Celebrations Baffle Me

You won.  You defeated the President's Trophy winners, you defeated the defending Stanley Cup champions in successive series.  You're the first team to ever accomplish the feat.  Then you take to the streets.  Then all good will is lost, because well, you're Montreal.

This morning has been awesome for me; there is nothing better than watching riot videos on Youtube; except this one.  You guys get a fun surprise in the first minute of this one.

So most of that is cheeky fun, the dancing, the hootin' n hollerin' that's fine.  Yeah, climbing light posts is stupid, especially when you have tiny junk, the fire jumping is unnecessary, but you can tell that's early.  Light's are still on, females are still in the streets, the next video, well, the first 15 seconds probably says it all.

All in all, word is there were over 30 arrests, broken windows, looting, all that good stuff. For shame; here I thought there were 2 more rounds left in this here playoff season.

Anyways, if you're lookin' to get a feel for the fun, if that's what you wanna call it, just browse this guy's video collection.

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