Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stick Summary

So I was sent this email; I know plenty of people got it, but being a bit of statistics wonk, it intrigued me. Granted, looking into it, the email was sent from a PR firm representing Easton Hockey, so obviously they're trying to take advantage of the results, which frankly, I don't blame them for.

Basically the gist of the email was this: of those players that have scored a point during the playoffs (not including last night's games) what manufacturer of sticks were they using. So first off, remember this was sent to me by reps of Easton. Secondly, whoever put together this data, well a) you've got way too much damn time on your hands and b) it's definitely interesting.

Check it out after the break, in it's glorious Excel form.

Manufacturer # % Goals % Assists % Points % GWG %
Bauer 52 30.06% 41 31.06% 71 32.42% 112 31.91% 6 26.09%
Combat 1 0.58% 1 0.76% 2 0.91% 3 0.85% 0 0.00%
Easton 71 41.04% 55 41.67% 88 40.18% 143 40.74% 9 39.13%
RBK 24 13.87% 16 12.12% 32 14.61% 48 13.68% 4 17.39%
Sherwood 1 0.58% 3 2.27% 1 0.46% 4 1.14% 1 4.35%
TPS 3 1.73% 1 0.76% 3 1.37% 4 1.14% 0 0.00%
Warrior 21 12.14% 15 11.36% 22 10.05% 37 10.54% 3 13.04%


Don't buy into the hype of composite sticks? See that little guy there with the Sherwood? Yeah, that's Sidney Crosby Chris Phillips of the Senators. The guy with the Combat? Radim Vrbata. And you know what; it took me effing forever to find that out.

So Easton, is the check in the mail?


Nuuuuugs said...

All the work and where's the reward. Well half the work, but still.

Anonymous said...

Easton sticks have scored the most points (143), which seems to have a high correlation to the number of players using them (71 players). A credit to Easton to be sure. What's more interesting (to me) is the goals per player, assists per player, points per player (etc). Let's look at Points per Player: Bauer 2.15; Combat 3 (!!!); Easton 2.01; RBK 2; Sherwood 4 (!!!); TPS 1.33; Warrior 1.76. I'll take the Sherwood, thank you!

Vance said...

Curiously though, the only guy I could find that was actively playing a Sher-Wood was Phillips, and he certainly doesn't have 3 goals.

Methinks guy who did this graph thought Sid still was playing the Sher-wood.


Anonymous said...

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