Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughts Post

I'm allowed to do this, cause people care what I have to say. Right? Wrong? Right. Anyways, there's been more than enough written lately about the suspensions, non-suspensions, clowns and Campbells to sink a ship. So, I'm just gonna throw some quick thoughts on some hot stove topics here this morning.

  1. The Matt Cooke Non-Suspension

    Precedent. 100%. The other "highly publicized lateral blind side head shot" from Mike Richards on David Booth garnered no suspension, and people are surprised that the 2nd HPLBSHS of the year didn't either?

    Did anyone even stop to think of the NHLPA ramifications if Cooke would have gotten suspended but Richards didn't? Would the already in tatters Players Association have been able to file a grievance for Cooke? How could the NHL even defend it with the precedent already set in the Richards ruling? They couldn't, either way it was a no-win situation for the League and that had to swallow that.

    Anyways, I hear HPLBSHS leads to cervical cancer, that might end up being a problem for Cooke...the pussy.

  2. The Ovechkin Suspension

    Was it a hard hit? No. Was it a stupid, reckless thing to do? Probably. If Campbell doesn't lose an edge and flies ludicrously into the boards is it a penalty? 2? 4? 5? Game? Probably 2. Now if Campbell isn't "out for the season" (which certainly came out awful quick before the verdict was laid down by the League) would it have been a suspension or just a fine? Now that is something to consider.

    One thing though is for certain. The debate surrounding the suspension, Ovechkin's play, and the whole furor around it, only leads to one hypothesis: Alexander Ovechkin is the biggest star in the game and slowly usurping Crosby as the face of the league...in America. Americans sure don't like losing, especially to our very own hat, and having Crosby score the game winner, sure doesn't endear him to the casual American fan. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

  3. I was in Chicago this past weekend. You can just tell when you've got a fresh bandwagon city on your hands. I could tell when I moved to Washington D.C., I could tell when I rolled in Chicago and saw one of the biggest pet peeves of mine. Those green abomination jerseys. I don't care how much you love your St. Patrick's day, I don't give 2 shits about how Irish you are. You can wear that jersey once a year without looking like a douchebag.

    Ok I was wrong, there's no way this guy in the Bobby Hull jersey doesn't look like a douchebag 365. Over the course of the day Saturday I saw numerous shamrock fails; Hossa, Toews, Kanes, hell I even saw someone with a green Huet jersey. Seriously, issues.

  4. Versus and DirecTV

    Did anybody even notice this over the announcement of Ovechkin's suspension? Outside of Steve Lepore of course. Those sneaky Comcast bastards and their late afternoon work rush announcements.

    Now the question is...Did anybody who has DirecTV actually watch Boston at New Jersey? I'm not sure they could've picked a more offensive match up to come back to.
I'm done prognosticating. See? Absolutely nothing to offer.


Nuuuuugs said...

1. Richards doesn't have priors as opposed to Cooke, that's the only difference. Everything else is bang on.
2. Campbell's diagnosis did come out rather quick. Two games is meaningless, but just enough to show superstar punishment. They could have given him 10 and it wouldn't have mattered, the Caps are already in.
3. Hope that guy in the green Huet jersey got the shit kicked out of him.
4. I turned on Versus just to make sure it was true, then turned it off.

Bettman's Nightmare said...

1. Precedent's definitely a problem...6 games for Sean Avery...4 games for Maxim Lapierre.
2. If we're going on precedent, Maxim Lapierre gets 4 games, Ovechkin 2. That's about right.
3. You should see Cubs fans.
4. I go to the bar.

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