Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Is What It Is

By now, if you follow me on the Twitter; you've already watched the video of Pat Kaleta's sweet nothings to Dom Moore. So why am I posting it here? So I can watch it again, later, over and over. I use this site as a repository of crap, and seriously, isn't this all nothing but crap?

At least I'm not an effing geek. [ed. note: Debatable]


bmose14 said...

haha that is pretty good there Panger

MJPalis said...

Dominic Moore went to Harvard. As someone who watched a lot of Dominic Moore and Lee Stempniak play during college, let me just add that making fun of Harvard people for being geeks is not only fun, it is also a moral imperative.

Medium Sized Hurt said...

I think Rayzor's reaction is the best thing about this.

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