Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Capital of the Jersey Foul World Strikes Again

I'm sorry. I like the Caps, but sometimes, lots of times, I wonder what people are spending their money on.

But anyways...this is an interesting one. Where do we stand on "official" nicknames of players on jerseys? Let's define it. Here and now.

We have Alexander Semin, #28 of the Washington Capitals. But actually, we have "JIZ", #28 of the Washington Capitals.

Now it's pretty damn obvious why his nickname is Jiz(z), and we even have video confirmation from Matt Bradley. So where do people stand on this? To the Twitter of course.

SpeakoftheDevs That IS a jersey foul!! It's Jizz, with two "z"'s. RT @BanginPanger: Just saw a jersey foul, Caps #28 name? JIZ

Space_Weed Kinda funny, but in a mainly immature way RT @BanginPanger: Just saw a jersey foul, Caps #28 name? JIZ

JeffHoppis @banginpanger but its his nickname!

hmabb It's his nickname in the locker room, according to Bradley. RT @BanginPanger: Just saw a jersey foul, Caps #28 name? JIZ

wyshynski Still not sure on official nicknames. "Great One" 99 Kings RT @BanginPanger Does Jiz being Semin's nickname make it anymore a jersey foul?

mlse @wyshynski @BanginPanger What is this? The XFL? Jersey Foul all the way.

SkinnyFishbowl @BanginPanger Important fact Semin does not equal semen. Jersey foul.
So where did that get us? Well, Caps fans call no foul, everyone else? Foul, for multiple reasons. I think we have to look at this in terms of the greats.

If you saw a #99 Kings jersey that said "Great One" what's your first thought? You see a #66 Pens that says "Super Mario" your initial reaction? You see a #9 Habs jersey that says "Rocket", your thoughts? A #68 Pens sweater, "Mullet" what do you think? How about a #17 Leafs jersey that says "Fabulous"?

What do I think? Sorry dude, that's a waste of $150 bucks.

Ed. Note: Fun fact; enlarge the photo, right behind the penalty boxes, guy leaning back, yeah that's a #14 "Flash" sweater. Yeah, that's Tomas Fleischmann's nickname.


JonnyP said...

I certainly agree with this "Jiz" jerseys just not being right, although I'm ok with the "Flash" jersey. Imagine the cost savings if you're paying by the letter for that "Fleischmann" jersey.

Editor's Note: Looks like I f-ed up the first post I tried to put here.

Anonymous said...

This one has been around since Semins rookie season. The original was the black Caps jersey with "JIZZ" on the name plate. When he tried to purchase it in the red, "JIZZ" it was deemed "Lewd and inappropriate" by the powers that be. However, "JIZ" and "JIZZZ" were not, hence the mispelling. I can also confirm the players call him that because my wife was a part of the first "Hockey in Heels" event 5 years ago in which there was a tour of the locker room. Sure enough, there was a drawer marked with the nickname "JIZZ" along with the number 28.

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