Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your 2009-2010 Season Workhorses

Every year we talk about how ridiculous it is the amount of games that certain goaltenders play. Yeah we're lookin' at you Marty and Kipper. But what about this year? Half way through the season I figured it'd be a pretty opportune time to take a look at the netminders putting in ridiculous amounts of time between the pipes, as a percentage of their total team's games played. Make sense? It better.

What have I got for you? How 'bout 69 (HOW FORTUITOUS!) goalies (Michael Leighton had to be included twice, as he effed up the entire spreadsheet by being picked up by Philadelphia) arranged by their percentage of games played. And yes, Martin Brodeur is still leading the league in this, even better, Mike Brodeur is dead last. BOOYAH!

(For reference, GP is games played, TGP is Team's Games Played)

Martin Brodeur NJD3840 95%261012.2092.0%
Jonathan Quick LAK394391%231332.5690.7%
Henrik LundqvistNYR384290%181452.4192.0%
Miikka Kiprusoff CGY364188%211052.1692.8%
Evgeni NabokovSJS374386%23672.3592.2%
Ilya BryzgalovPHX374386%221142.0392.7%
Ryan MillerBUF354185%23 832.0293.4%
Marc-Andre Fleury PIT364384%221312.5890.5%
Craig AndersonCOL364384%201052.6891.6%
Roberto Luongo VAN3542 83%211212.2592.1%
Niklas BackstromMIN354283%181432.5890.7%
Tomas VokounFLA324276%121272.6892.2%
Steve Mason CBJ324374%111463.1889.5%
Cristobal HuetCHI 314274%19822.1291.1%
Marty Turco DAL304173%13982.6691.1%
Chris MasonSTL 284168%111252.6590.7%
Pekka Rinne NSH284267%16722.7490.6%
Dwayne Roloson NYI284365%15762.7991.2%
Jonas Hiller ANA274264%121222.9191.3%
Carey PriceMTL284464%101432.6291.6%
Cam Ward CAR264163%61453.0290.1%
Jimmy HowardDET254161%14822.2092.3%
Tim Thomas BOS254161%11952.3692.0%
Mike Smith TBL254161%91062.8990.6%
Ondrej PavelecATL254161%91133.5290.3%
Brian ElliottOTT234255%10932.7090.2%
Jeff DeslauriersEDM234255%91222.8690.6%
Johan HedbergATL224154%9632.6291.4%
Pascal LeclaireOTT 224252%11712.9589.1%
Jonas GustavssonTOR224252%7772.8290.7%
Ray Emery PHI214151%11812.8390.1%
Jose TheodoreWSH214151%9643.0589.6%
Vesa Toskala TOR204248%6823.7286.9%
Dan EllisNSH194245%9712.7990.8%
Chris OsgoodDET184144%7642.7290.1%
Antero NiittymakiTBL 184144%7542.4691.9%
Nikolai KhabibulinEDM 184243%7923.0390.9%
Jean-Sebastien GiguereANA184243%4753.0689.9%
Tuukka RaskBOS174141%10421.9293.4%
Brian BoucherPHI174141%41112.8489.6%
Jaroslav HalakMTL184441%11602.6492.2%
Mathieu GaronCBJ174340%4532.8290.4%
Martin BironNYI174340%21123.2290.0%
Semyon VarlamovWSH164139%12122.2192.4%
Ty ConklinSTL144134%6612.7591.6%
Alex AuldDAL134132%5332.9890.1%
Manny LegaceCAR134132%4523.0489.8%
Antti NiemiCHI134231%10211.8192.6%
Scott ClemmensenFLA124229%5503.5388.8%
Peter BudajCOL104323%4312.2292.7%
Brent JohnsonPIT104323%4302.4991.9%
Andrew RaycroftVAN94221%4302.4590.6%
Thomas GreissSJS94321%4302.6691.3%
Josh HardingMIN84219%2503.4087.3%
Michael LeightonCAR74117%1404.2984.8%
Michael LeightonPHI74117%4012.0393.1%
Michal NeuvirthWSH74117%3403.0289.6%
Patrick LalimeBUF74117%3212.6091.7%
Curtis McElhinneyCGY74117%3202.6390.9%
Jason LaBarberaPHX74316%3302.2592.4%
Steve ValiquetteNYR64214%2303.7485.2%
Joey MacDonald TOR64214%1403.2089.2%
Erik ErsbergLAK54312%2203.6485.0%
Yann DanisNJD44010%3002.0092.9%
Devan DubnykEDM2425%0105.3680.0%
Alexander SalakFLA2425%0105.3785.0%
Cory SchneiderVAN2425%0103.8091.5%
Jhonas EnrothBUF1412%0104.1489.2%
Mike BrodeurOTT1422%1001.0095.7%
Chad JohnsonNYR1422%0004.5085.0%

Isn't it amazing how the teams, outside of the Capitals & Blackhawks who just freakin' outscore everybody, that are having "elite" seasons, all have 'tenders playing over 80% of their team's contests. It takes getting to Nik Backstrom at #11 overall to get to the first non-playoff team, but he's one of those perennial workhorses anyways.

If I had time to pull all these guys out by teams, I would, but I don't, so you'll just have to do that yourself.

You folks see any surprises? Roloson playin' so many more games than Biron perhaps?


Nuuuuugs said...

I thought Howard played a lot more than 7 games over Osgood, and the Monster would have dwarfed Toskala if his heart hadn't petered out. Twice. The middle of the pack is where to look, where there is actually a competition, but there are a lot of injuries there too. Doesn't look like Cam Ward went down with a laceration on that stat sheet.

Vance said...

Now that I think about it, I never thought Jon Quick would've played so many games for the Kings.

Between Bernier and LaBarbera, never would've thought that would've been wrestled away so easily.

Guess he was named to Team USA for a reason.

Skeeter said...

And Roberto Luongo would have played in many more games if he hadn't been injured...

Matt said...

maybe it's just me but it seems like it should be starts and not appearances that determine %GP. as that seems to cause issues like ottawa goalies have played a total of 109% of ottawa's games.

Vance said...


I weighed that decision; I wasn't sure which way would end up working best.

Maybe that 109% just shows that LeClaire gets hurt 9% more than the rest of the league.

Nuuuuugs said...

LaBarbera would've wrestled it away from where? Phoenix? With that goal in the final 30 last night, you might at least see Ersberg in the next start.

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