Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ouch; Boom Goes The...Face?

An unfortunate turn of events for Jack Hillen last night, as he made the honorable, courageous, and ultimately devastating decision to drop down in front of an Ovechkin slapshot.

The Islanders website gave this update this morning.
Islanders' defenseman Jack Hillen will miss the next 6-8 weeks with a broken jaw and damaged teeth. After taking an Alex Ovechkin slap-shot to the face last night, Hillen was rushed to hospital for further evaluation. He was in surgery last night and into the morning to insert plates into his jaw.
If I recall, this is the 2nd major facial this year; with Ian Laperriere taking the goods right on the lips; breaking 7 teeth. I guess there's a reason the population of Pominville is high, a lot of force behind that blast.

As for Hillen, he wasn't as lucky as Lappy. It's never good to see something like this happen, but I'm not above making semen jokes at the expense of the situation. Wish Hillen a speedy recovery, and would like to commend him on his balls. They are mighty big balls.

Also, notice how Ovechkin really shows some remorse for the situation. See Pens fans, he's not evil.


Ryan said...

Keith Tkachuk scored a goal off his face about a month ago by a slapshot from TJ Oshie.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Just getting ready to mention the Walt goal.

For future reference, from here on out he is to be referred to as "Puddin'," though those of us over at Game Time are still trying to determine what kind.

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