Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More MSM Grief: Mike Wise Edition

If you're not from DC, you won't know who Mike Wise is, nor should you really care at all. But he is a pretty prominent Washington Post columnist, and as of this past Summer, a radio host for 106.7 The Fan. That was all well and good because it was all Redskins, all the time. Well, it's the winter now, and guess who runs this town; yeah, the Capitals.

It's funny how that kind of success can change a town. How does Mike Wise enter this conversation, and why should you non-Caps fans care? Well, it's about respect. Frankly, we can all pretty well agree that us hockey fans are pretty much treated like the ginger step child of the major sports world. The World Wide Leader shuns us, NBC/Versus runs us, basically, hockey, and it's fans, can be just an afterthought.

So when somebody like Mike Wise, who has a major platform to speak, both in the traditional failing media, and over the broadcast airwaves, you'd hope he'd try to champion the most successful franchise in the city he works. Instead, we get a rather ignorant (but he calls "light-hearted," of course this man is also very fond of Gilbert Arenas, so make your inferences from there [SUCK THAT JUDGEMENT WISE]) response to a caller asking why the 27-11-6 Caps don't get as much play as the 4-12 'Skins or the 12-23 Wizards (see where this is goin?); how's he respond? "With all due respect, it's hockey."

Oooooooooooh BOOM ROASTED CONSTITUENTS OF HIS RADIO SHOW! YOU JUST GOT BITCH SLAPPED! Personally, I like the Cristobal Huet reference, 2 years after he left the team.

You know what else I like, posting yet another reason why the print business is failing, as these out of touch monoliths of a forgotten industry who can't adapt, or don't want to, spout off their opinions as if anyone really gives a damn. And sir, that is why people are pissed at you.

See now he's getting exactly what he wants, he gets the extra publicity now and later eventually everything will blow over and his show will go back to being all 'Skins all the time. And this cycle will just be destined to repeat itself. If I truly cared, I'd throw up an email address (best I can do is this, what kind of wanker doesn't post his email address on his articles?), maybe even a twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/mikewiseguy), but I really don't care that much.


Down Goes Brown said...

Holy shit.

It's strange. I've never heard of this guy, and yet I recognized him. It was really bugging me. Then I realized I knew his face from the pciture that came up when I googled "trying way, way, way too hard".

The whole "I'm going to pretend to be angry and yell at you" brand of sports journalism is embarassing enough when the pros do it. This guy has all the polish of the average youtuber with a webcam.

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