Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kyle Okposo & Trick Daddy; Similarities

Apparently; check out the banner page for the New York Islanders website today. That my friends; is definitely a gold tooth. For posterity's sake, totally screen grabbed it.

Yeah, click the image. Supersize that bitch. With the crack team of forensic scientists here at BanginPanger, we've enlarged the image 500% just to show how crunk Kyle Okposo really is.

With a simple color grabber tool; that my friends, is a gold tooth. That; my friends; is hilarious.

Wonder if he got that after Phaneuf laid his ass out during the preseason? I sure hope so. Or even better, wonder if the Isles graphics guru decided that in honor of Jersey Shore he'd throw some bling in there, maybe attract some fans? Eh? Eh? Or maybe it's his mouthguard, or so I'm told it could be. If so, lame Kyle. Very lame.

And no, I didn't alter the image. Sheesh. My photoshops are far less subtle and much more inappropriate and random.
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