Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Down the Hershey Highway; Check Out This Goal

Hat tip to John Walton, from, the radio voice of the AHL's Hershey Bears, for getting this clip. It's from a high school hockey game in Central PA. Imagine that, in Hershey. Clip comes from a game between the Hershey Trojans (my high school's rival; nothin' beats a broken Trojan, eh?) and Lampeter-Strasburg Pioneers (Amish, don't let them fool you), and man, it's a pretty solid one.

This kid puts on a sick move and makes that poor Amish goalie (if you knew where Lampeter - Strasburg was, you'd know) look like ToskaLOL. PEEP THE VID.

Fun fact: My cousin plays on the Hershey high team. Fun fact: He didn't score that goal. Fun Fact: I gave him shit for not scoring said goal.
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