Monday, January 11, 2010

Back From Buffalo

After 965.5 miles, about 32 gallons of discontinued Tiger Gatorade, another 47 gallons of beer, and maybe 67 in gas, BanginPanger's trip to Buffalo is over. I'm back in the office, and dammit, that makes me feel like ass.

But hey, we had a good time. The journey started in DC, pit stopped in Pittsburgh, through redneck PA/NY and ended up in an Embassy Suites in Buffalo. You know who else ended up at that same hotel? The Colorado Avalanche.

Well we couldn't comprehend it that early in the morning. But when you're standing in line with giant white guys in suits, you kind of suspect something. Ryan O'Reilly apparently enjoys the same kind of omelets I do, OMG THEY'RE LIKE REAL PEOPLE. OMG BEST BREAKFAST BUFFET EVAR!

Thanks to Isabella, the kind and unfortunate soul who had to clean up after us, we found out TJ Galiardi was our neighbor in 408. If only we would've had some fiber optic cable and a webcam, we could've Erin Andrews-ed that guy into Deadspin infamy. Instead we only had afternoon beers and clamored for TJ to wake up and join; he didn't. Apparently he takes those Do Not Disturb signs really seriously.

But all those odds and ends didn't equate to the 4 new friendships we made; Ghislain Hebert, Kevin Pollock, Brad Kovachik, and Mark Shewchyk. Yes, the refs and linesmen. I surely hope that our antics, posturing, and boos didn't compromise our working relationship. Now it wasn't that they sucked one way, no they sucked both ways. They sucked like woah. They Toronto Maple Leaf sucked. But see, I assumed that refs and linesmen were kinda like the British guards, wouldn't smile and acknowledge fan existence at all. Well boy were we wrong. Mid-way through the 2nd period, shortly after Kevin Pollock calls this penalty for something or other, who the hell knows why, he skates over to the glass and linesmen Brad Kovachik comes over to chat. Enter the four of us. Things were shouted, dance moves were made, Pollock cracks a wide grin, but Brad, oh Brad, we were just having fun. There was no need to tell us to "Sit the f*ck down." We run a tight ship here, we would never do or say anything that would warrant such an outburst. Oh but Brad, you totally made our night. I made you this of a picture I took of me and Mr. Pollock, it reminds me of the night, since I don't remember much.

Even though that game ended in a 22 shooter shootout loss for the boys in blue and gold, it was fun, and totally worth it. Now if only I could get seats like that for every game. Oh wait, I can't. Damn.
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