Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jersey Foul Capital of the World Strikes Again

At last Wednesday's Sabres - Caps tilt, it took a whole, oh, 3 minutes after arriving into the Phone Booth to spot the first of many on the night. I only got a picture of this guy, as I was forced to funnel through like sheeple behind him.

Of course, I fit through the turnstiles far easier than "Whale."

I wish this was like Deadspin and I could pull off a "Who the hell is Whale?" but alas, that won't happen. Nor do I really care. But really, who is this Whale character? Well, we sure do know that he has no respect for the jersey code. Plus I'm not even going to get into the one sleeve rolled up look!

Sir, Whale sir, Nicklas Backstrom is #19, not you. You have no number, if you had a number, I bet it's around 2, as in divorces.

Plus, guy, you're shitting on the memories of Hartford's finest. You are shitting on the memories of Kevin Dineen. Kevin effing Dineen.

Kevin. Dineen. Oh yeah, PAT VERBEEK. Oh I kid, it's your money.
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