Friday, December 4, 2009

Jason Pominville vs. Max Talbot; Redux

These two are the connoisseurs of local TV ads. Talbot recently released his latest gem on the world, while Pominville has two more of his own. Watch, listen, and laugh at their awkwardness.

Here's his other one.

And Talbot? He's like Jimmy Fallon in the Blue Oyster Cult skit from SNL, damn son, keep a straight face.

By the way, on a much more personal note, City of Champions Crunch can eat my ass.


The Real 54 said...

Why is it that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the only athlete that can act. They are all sooooo horrible. My god. The guy can't even hit someone on the head with a bucket well. And why are FSN commercials seemingly filled with about 10 minutes worth of setup / production value. Have you seen the ones that are like meta-production meetings about what they're going to show? Even those, making fun of themselves are bad attempts at it. Holy-S they need you doing their commercials ;)

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