Monday, November 2, 2009

You Know It's A New Season When...

...Phoenix leads the league with only 11 5 on 5 goals against this year. Last season? They finished 27th, with 163.

...Buffalo leads the league with only 24 total goals against this year. Last season? 14th with 229.

...The Detroit Red Wings have a 0% winning percentage...after leading the 1st period. Last year? They lost 1 time after leading the 1st.

But you know some things just don't change.

Like say, Toronto has given up 49 goals this season, well last year they ranked last in that too, with 286.

Some other fun facts so far early this season?

Exactly how worthless in the shots per game stat? Well, how bout the surprise Colorado Avalanche sitting 30th in the league with just 25.1 shots per game, yet hold the top spot in the Western Conference? Yet the Buffalo Sabres lead the league with 35.5 shots per game, and lead their division as well. So uhhh, quality or quantity?

Montreal has played 14 games this season, 6 of those have ended up in extra time, and they've won all of 'em.

Edmonton has been outshot in 11 of 14 games this year (and have only outshot their opponent once [and lost]), yet somehow they sit above .500.

Atlanta, as a team, has 48 hits. 4 players: Ryan Callahan (61), Chris Neil (59), Dustin Brown (51), and Jean-Francois Jacques (51) have more. Even goal scoring leader Alex Ovechkin is within striking distance, with 40.

Speaking of; 14 goals in 1 month? Ridiculous.

3 of the top 4 players; in giveaways; play for the Montreal Canadiens. Hal Gill leads with 21.

For any player with at least 100 faceoffs this year, Paul Gaustad leads the league with 69.1%. The most faceoffs won this season? 179 by Sidney Crosby, who also leads the league in faceoffs taken.

The forward with the most time on ice per game? Ryan Getzlaf, playing 22:14 a night...and that ranks 58th overall.

That's about all I've got today. Here's to hoping I finish this project and get back to posting regularly. We'll see.


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