Thursday, October 8, 2009

BOOM Goes the Dynamite!

Another victim of the reckless wreck known as Patrick Kaleta. Petr Prucha was taking a long, gliding turn, looked up, and had no chance. It's awfully close to being dirty, whether he jumped into the hit, or momentum carried him upward, tough to tell. But you can be guaranteed that the Phoenix fan was calling it dirty, while Sabres fans and Scott Stevens are sure to eat it up.

Since I was pretty hardcore against the Phaneuf hit, here's why I think this one was different. 0-0 game, regular season vs. losing 3-1, preseason. Whatever, I don't have to explain myself to you people. As always, thanks to the esteemed HockeyFights for already having the video.

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Tom said...

This is why hip checks should be in the vocabulary of every NHL player. It's not a dirty hit per se, but Kaleta was aiming for the shoulders when he should have gone low.

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