Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Really? He Hasn't Played A Single Game For You Yet

...yet he's now the face of your team? I get it. You don't want Heatley gracing your site, that's well and good. But how bout, oh what's his name, that guy who's been your Captain for about a decade now? Oh well, you guys are a model of ass.

Oh wait...now, now, please, tell me your webmaster and his interns have just a plain wicked sense of humor...cause this is too much.

Kovalev and consistency in the same sentence? Shoot me in the face. But hey, since we're just throwing around Kovy pictures everywhere, here's another one.

I know you were all lookin' for Kovalev upskirt photos anyways, so I made it a little easier on you. Junk City, ON.
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