Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poor, Poor Ottawa

Free agents:
C Mike Comrie, 4,000,000 (u)
RW Chris Neil, 1,200,000 (u)
D Brendan Bell, 500,000 (u)
G Brian Elliott, 757,720 (r)

RW Alex Kovalev, 2 years, $10M (Canadiens)
G Brian Elliott, 2 years, $1.7M (re-signed)
RW Chris Neil, 4 years, $2M

D Brendan Bell (Blues)

It seems like every team we've gone over these past couple weeks has turned over their entire God damned roster, not these Senators. Oh no, they tried. But Dany Heatley is over there playin' in the corner with his Hotwheels (get it? Ziiiinnggg) and he doesn't want to go. Bryan Murray probably has had a stroke with the nonsense that has gone down up there (then imagine how bad his rants would be). Oh well, let's get to the roster.

Re-signing Elliot and Chris Neil were savvy moves. With a healthy Pascal LeClaire and Elliot to back him up, the Sens seem to be better suited in net than they have since Emery's last coke binge. Chris Neil, as goony as he is, makes that team better, clearing space by running any and all.

Now the signing of Alex Kovalev, this one is a little perplexing to me. Last high profile Russian the Sens employed, well, he's still wearing mock turtlenecks playing in Russia. Assuming Kovalev joins the 2nd line at RW, he'll be playing with Mike Fisher and Nick Foligno (if I recall correctly), which certainly improves that line, but doesn't change the fact that the Sens are still top heavy offensively.

Oh well, until this Heatley debacle is resolved, Ottawa is SOL in my opinion. But who the hell cares what I think.


Anonymous said...

I know you find it HILARIOUS to repeatedly throw the killing of a teammate into Heatley's face, might I remind you that Dan Snyder was killed in that accident - and so in order to make fun of Heatley, you're also making light of the death of a 25 year-old hockey player.

Yeah, that sucks dude. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

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