Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Official Versus TV Schedule

Remember back when I got all pissy about potential TV schedules? Yeah that was like a month ago, I got my panties all up in a bunch, etc. etc. Well the official schedule was released, naturally NBC wasn't included since they're special (and homo) but right here we've got your appearances on Versus, in graphical form!

Chicago and Detroit will be on Versus 9 times a piece, while the usual suspects come rollin' in just behind. Though the Dallas, Minnesota, and St. Louis numbers are a little surprising.

Here's the link for the total schedule, you can sort by RDS/Versus/TSN all you want over there, but I'm not makin' that many graphs, that's just redonkuculus.


Laura said...

Woo HOO. The Thrashers managed to NOT be on VS this year. Praise God. I'd actually rather watch SportSouth's broadcast than VS's, and that's saying a lot.

St. Louis on Versus how many times? Five? Good lord. Amazing what a good turn around will do. It gives the boys a chance to have Christine Simpson's boobs shoved in their faces during the intermission interviews. Congrats, guys!

Anonymous said...

i had derect tv for ten years, and since they don't have Versus, i switched to Dish Network, and my bill is even lower.

Anonymous said...

by the way i am in chicago and missed the best game of the decade monday night

Anonymous said...

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