Monday, July 20, 2009

What Would You Do? Participate or Not?

It already seems the fans and players have already aligned themselves against the NHL and apparently, the NHLPA, when it comes to participation in the Olympics. If you'd recall over the past couple weeks each nation (but mainly USA and Canada) released their Olympic Camp invitees for later this summer. Well we all know the players love the honor of representing their country, we know the NHL hates stalling the season for 3 weeks a year, while now the Players Association seems to want to keep the Olympians off the ice as well.

Now these camps range from video and orientation to drills etc. but apparently these week long camps are an "unwarranted and unnecessary risk" to the players, and they recommend these guys to stay off the ice, if they choose to participate at all.

Naturally it comes down to an issue of insurance. NHL Teams aren't responsible for their players while playing, while the NHLPA considers each hockey federation unsuitable when it comes to covering the risks and potential damage to careers if they were to sustain an injury during Olympic participation.

So, let me pose this question to you, if you were invited to Team [Enter Nation Here]'s Olympic Development Camp...Would you go? Wouldn't you? Would you trade off a gold medal for missing half a year with an injury?

Let's hear it.


Maz said...

If the players are so worried, I am sure they can buy an insurance policy to cover the Olympics. I mean, they have some loose change lying around.

Nuuuuugs said...

Its not really a question of insurance for the players, its a question of staking the honor of playing for your country against the risk of injuring yourself and losing your paycheck. Injuring yourself while playing for your pro team is one thing, injuring yourself while goofing off on a golf cart is another. While an injury in the Olympics is slightly more glamorous than the attack of the killer golf cart, the NHL and the PA are going to view it as the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I would play for my country, the dream for many Canadian hockey players is to win the Stanley Cup and to win gold represent Canada at the Olympics. Anyway, by the time a player can make to the Olympics he's probably already made enough money to never work again.
But as a female hockey player, all I can say is at least they have to have this debate, the olympics are our dream and then during the 3 years in between we hope to play in the Canadian Women's Hockey League, on top of our day job.

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