Friday, July 24, 2009

What Just Happened Here? Uhhhhhhh I Dunno

Free agents:
D Sergei Zubov, 5,750,000 (u)
RW Jere Lehtinen, 4,100,000 (u)
D Darryl Sydor, 2,500,000 (u)
C Steve Begin, 1,300,000 (u)
C Joel Lundqvist, 750,000 (u)
RW Landon Wilson, 550,000 (u)
RW Mark Parrish, 500,000 (u)
D Mark Fistric, 789,000 (r)
G Tobias Stephan, 485,000 (r)
C Brendan Morrison, 2,750,00

RW Jere Lehtinen, 1 year, $1.5M, plus bonuses (re-signed)
D Karlis Skrastins, 2 years, $4.4M (Panthers)
D Mark Fistric, 3 years, $3M (re-signed)
D Jeff Woywitka, 2 years, $1.3M (Blues)
C Warren Peters, 1 year (Flames)

C Steve Begin (Bruins)
RW Chris Conner (Penguins)
C Brendan Morrison (Capitals)
C Joel Lundqvist, 750,000 (Elitserin)

Dallas made waves this offseason by finally realizing a two headed monster at GM doesn't work, let alone giving Brett Hull any sort of responsibility. That was a disaster waiting to happen. Oh, you say last season was a disaster? I'd agree. Way to go Brett! NO GOAL!

Ok, sorry. I'm over it, I swear. Now since Les Jackson and Brett Hull were "reassigned," Joe Nieuwendyk took over. His first prey? Jonas Gustavsson, the Monster, or so I hear he's called. He failed, as Gustavsson picked the Leafs and playing time over tutelage behind Marty Turco.

Overall though, the Stars moved laterally, but with Zubov still wallowing as a UFA, they could potentially lose their PP quarterback, which could be a blow. Bringing in Skrastins will be good for a shot blocking and consistency standpoint, but none of the other additions really scream game-changer now do they.

Hopefully Brendan Morrow healed from that ACL injury, the collective personae of the Stars organization has recovered from the onslaught of Sean Avery, and Marty Turco remembered how to play goalie, then everything will be just peachy in Dallas.

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Anonymous said...

I personally don't want Marty Turco to "tutel" anyone.........ever.........NO NEVER.......No one that will be playing on the Stars anyway. His play the last two years, while it did have a few sparks, never did come to a full fire. I hope Alex still remembers how to be good because I look for Marty to be about the same this season.

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