Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In NBC's World There are Only 8 NHL Teams

Philly, Pittsburgh, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and...Colorado?!? Steve Lepore, as he always does, got his hands on NBC's potential lineup for those lovely Sunday matinees of the same damn teams. Well lookie here, same old, same old. Honestly, NBC is a joke.

January 1, 1:00 PM
Philadelphia vs. Boston

January 17, 12:30 PM ET
Philadelphia vs. Washington OR
Chicago vs. Detroit

January 24, 12:30 PM ET/3PM ET
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia OR
Boston vs. Carolina OR
Dallas vs. Colorado

January 31, 12:30 PM ET
Tampa Bay vs. Washington OR
Detroit vs. Pittsburgh

February 7, 12:30 PM ET
Pittsburgh vs. Washington

March 7, 12:30 PM ET/1PM ET
Boston vs. Pittsburgh OR
Detroit vs. Chicago

March 14, 12:30 PM ET/1PM ET
Colorado vs. Dallas OR
Philadelphia vs. NY Rangers OR
Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay OR
Washington vs. Chicago

March 21, 12:30 PM ET/3PM ET
NY Rangers vs. Boston OR
Colorado vs. Anaheim

April 4, 12:30 PM ET/3PM ET
Detroit vs. Philadelphia OR
San Jose vs. Colorado

Aprill 11, 1PM ET
Los Angeles vs. Colorado OR
Detroit vs. Chicago OR
NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia OR
Boston vs. Washington

There are 14 teams that MIGHT get a chance to be on national TV via NBC this season, yes, less than half the league. Out of the 10 weeks that the NHL is on NBC, Philly gets 6 chances, Boston 5, Washington 5, Detroit 5, Pittsburgh 5, Colorado 5, Chicago 4, and New York 3. Oh yeah, that won't get old quick. Steve's right, this is how it'll look. Hurray, hockey with now 50% more Crosby commercials!

And let's be honest, even though Dallas and Tampa have 2 shots, and Carolina, Anaheim, San Jose and LA all get 1 shot, they really won't.

Save me your market research, save me your "these are the best teams" arguments, your "best markets for TV", this is just boring. Thank God the NHL decided to re-up with NBC for 2 more years. That way, fans of these cities won't have to illegally stream the games 5 less times than everyone else. So be prepared for more Crosby and Ovechkin love rammed down your throats, for 2 more years at least.


this space for rent said...

Truthfully? As a Caps fan, I agree. :P NBC's looking for ratings, nothing more, and is only showing the teams it deems to have the biggest markets so it can get ratings. That's all it cares about.

Getting up for 12:30 PM games is a pain in the ass, for the fans and the players.

And, I can do without Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury, thanks.

Vance said...

See that's the thing, I live in D.C. and I love goin' to Caps games (if you know the history of me and the Bears then you'd get it) but is it so hard to mix it up every once and a little while?

Matt said...

This is why Center Ice is so important to my mental health. I would be pissed, except for the fact those games start around 9:30am on the West Coast. Like I'm going to get up to watch Crosby every week... either way, not terribly surprising.

Thanks for putting it in one place. If I can photoshop this schedule into Gary Bettman's hands, I'll have a new dartboard....

Libey said...

While I think that NBC is going for ratings, you also have to recognize that they've chosen some pretty good games. It does get a bit repetitive though...

Here are the games they skipped over on the dates they chose for national broadcasts:

January 17, 12:30 PM ET
Montreal vs. NYR
Calgary vs. Anaheim

January 31, 12:30 PM ET
NYI vs. Florida OR
Los Angeles vs. New Jersey
Phoenix vs. Dallas
NYR vs. Colorado

February 7, 12:30 PM ET
Boston vs. Montreal (This should DEF be on the schedule)

March 7, 12:30 PM ET/1PM ET
Vancouver vs. Nashville
Calgary vs. Minnesota
Carolina vs. Atlanta
Buffalo vs. NYR
Toronto vs. Philadelphia
Montreal vs. Anaheim
New Jersey vs. Edmonton

March 14, 12:30 PM ET/1PM ET
Nashville vs. Los Angeles
Toronto vs. NYI
Phoenix vs. Atlanta
St. Louis vs. Minnesota
San Jose vs. Anaheim (Playoff rematch, should be on there)
Calgary vs. Vancouver

March 21, 12:30 PM ET/3PM ET
Calgary vs. Minnesota
Buffalo vs. Carolina
Tampa Bay vs. Florida
Nashville vs. St. Louis
Phoenix vs. Dallas
Atlanta vs. Philadelphia
San Jose vs. Edmonton

April 4, 12:30 PM ET/3PM ET
Calgary vs. Chicago
Minnesota vs. Vancouver

April 11, 1PM ET
Pittsburgh vs. NYI
Buffalo vs. New Jersey
Tampa Bay vs. Florida
Edmonton vs. Anaheim

Judge it as you will... there are definitely some games that they skipped over that they shouldn't have. But I really can't fault them too much on a lot of the games chosen, they'll get much better ratings than a Tampa Bay vs. Florida game...

Anonymous said...

yeah dude i know what you are going on about here, i am a die hard red wings fan and even i get tired of watching them play all the time, i have no idea about how the other third of the league is doing because when i check it is just fluff about crosby, ovechkin, or something else turning it from the nhl to the nba

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