Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Did Dale Tallon Deserve This?

I'm conflicted. We've been thoroughly mocking his strange, yet decisive, moves over the past couple weeks. There was the snafu, ok there was the Hindenburg sized screw up with the qualifying offers to Versteeg and Barker, the ill treatment of one of their stars (Havlat), and insane contracts being thrown out there like tootsie rolls at a parade. What's all that add up to?

The son of a legend stealing your job. But in reality, you see those ef ups above, but think about what he did. Brought in Havlat, stole Versteeg for Bochenski, led the drafting of guys like Seabrook, Toews, and Kane, yet here after 4 years, caput. Second City Hockey has a nice run down of what just happened.

But after I think about the last 2 paragraphs...I'm still conflicted. He's messed up sure, but he was also the architect behind bringing the Hawks back from the dead, and making Chicago hockey relevant again.

What do you people think, was this firing deserved? Are we going to hear some circumstantial excuse from the Hawks org. when they just really wanted to get Stan Bowman into the GM position? Let's hear it.


Nuuuuugs said...

You gotta read the quotes from Havlat about Tallon in Mirtle's article... http://www.fromtherink.com/2009/7/14/949071/havlat-speaks-out-on-tallon
It sounds like Tallon (and Havlat for that matter) was a casualty in waiting for the Bowman regime to take over. Now the question will be if Tallon really made all those great moves to change the direction of the team, or if his strings were being pulled from upstairs. I think its going to play out similar to Burke's handle of the controls in Toronto while still in Anaheim.

Vance said...

Nuuuuuugs long time no see.

Sorry things are so slow around here, we're far too uncreative to think of actual things to post.

Nuuuuugs said...

No apology necessary, its the offseason. Besides, I'm lucky if I get a post per week, you guys have several per day. You wanna talk about uncreative, I guess you haven't been reading my crappola. (Tear. But no emoticons)

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