Sunday, July 5, 2009

Allow Me To Ruin Your Sunday

Go to this link. Be depressed.

ESPN's Salary Crunch.

Marian Gaborik will earn my yearly salary in .xx games. Quit trying to see how much money I make! Jerks! But, Glen Sather, you can still go to hell.


Chris said...

You will need to work 202.06 years in order to make Marian Hossa's annual salary.


Libey said...

Well, now we all know that Marty rakes in a pretty good salary of $54,000 a year...

Yea, that website depresses me thoroughly... So you say "Glen Sather, go to hell." I say "Marty Vance, go to hell." for posting this, lol.

Vance said...

Hey, at least it doesn't say "It takes Marian Hossa 56 seasons to make Marty Vance's salary" then yes, you could say that.

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