Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Do All These People Have In Common?

Yeah, aside from all being pieces of shit? Especially you Benedict! Turncoat sounds about right. Brent Sutter is leaving New Jersey for "family reasons", say hello to your brother, Darryl, the GM of the Calgary Flames, from your adjacent corner offices.

Yeah, maybe not the best allegory, but hey, ask a Devils fan if they pulled that knife out of their back yet.


Anonymous said...

what's a devil fan?

Vance said...

The ever elusive Devils fan is not unlike the species found in South Florida or in the deserts of Arizona. This urban dwelling creature has been known to pervade landfills and trap unknowing daughters of fallen Wall St. financiers, all the while partaking in too many jagerbombs to remember to make it to the Rock.

Fact: BanginPanger is not meant as an insult to the one and only Darren Pang, nor do I claim to be him. The views and opinions presented on BanginPanger are of my own, and no other namesake of the site, the NHL, Buffalo Sabres, Washington Capitals, or anyone else.