Monday, June 8, 2009

So Can I Be Totally Lame Here?

Oh I will. Thanks to the local Harrisburg station, 97.3 WRVV, Rock n Roll without the Hard Edge, I will be in a battle for game 5 tickets up in Hershey. Between Noon today, and Noon tomorrow, whoever gets the most votes, wins. This is the first good thing that ever happened on Twitter.

Soooooooo here's what I'm asking you all, if you could vote for me at this link, I would be eternally grateful. Why? Because I'd love to go to game 5, and see the Bears win the Calder Cup for an unprecedented 10th time, the first time on Home Ice since 1980.

Thanks people! I'll have more on the adventures of BanginPanger in Hershey later, including meeting the guys from JapersRink, a legend in the blogging world On Frozen Blog, as well as another chance meeting with Brett Leonhardt, not too mention the first "fan" of BanginPanger, who a) I didn't know b) wasn't my friend previous or c) didn't think I was an asshat. At least I don't think he considered mes an asshat.

Anyways, hey, vote for me starting at noon!

UPDATE:: Hey, everybody, just wanted to say thanks! I got those tickets, and since we routed the guy so bad, he also threw in some Hersheypark passes as well. I probably should like offer up a contest for those or something, butttttttttttttt, we'll see. Just wanted to say thanks again, you make reporting on things none of you care about easy.

- Vance
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