Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Making Sure Everyone Saw This

Kukla's Korner had this, and I want to make sure everybody saw it.

The Hossa slash on Dupuis just before the 2nd Red Wings goal? Not so much a slash as an exploding composite.

I guess it's one less thing for Pensblog, and EdZo, to bitch about, but they still have Zetterberg rolling around in the crease.


Denson said...

Eh no one was really bitching about this. It's the obstruction and Zetterberg playing goalie.

Paul said...

As opposed to the entire fucking Pittsburgh team draping themselves over Detroit every time they enter the zone? And Hal Gill? This isn't football. I haven't seen so many elbows thrown since Jimmy Snuka was around.

And I knew as soon as the stick busted the Penguins faithful were going to be pissing and moaning about some "non-call" bullshit. It really is laughable.

Libey said...

Don't see any Penguins fans talking about the fact that they were allowed to have 6 skaters on the ice for a good 25 seconds last night, do ya? Ya know, when it was 2-1 Detroit, and they should've gone on the PP again instead of having PIT score not too long after?

Nope, don't hear any Pens fans talking about the fact that there have been missed calls both ways. Just about the crap that doesn't go called on Detroit (of which 1 should've been a penalty shot, 1 shouldn't).

Paul said...

I also found it absolutely fucking hilarious how the Penguins fans were razzing Osgood after they scored on an empty net. Talk about not knowing your shit.

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