Friday, June 12, 2009

He'd Hit That: KHL Edition

This one is far too funny to let pass, regardless of exactly how recent it is, or the fact that I haven't a clue who this broad is. But I do believe, in this context, broad is indeed the right term. I'm too lazy to even try to look her up.

Outside of my hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrriiiiiious commentary, there's so much that makes this funny.
  1. Jagr has mongoloid hands.
  2. Her hands, both of them, are hilariously placed. Junk City, USSR.
  3. Jagr is more effeminate than she
  4. That girl wore her spider-woman costume to an awards ceremony
Now like I said I haven't a clue where, when, or why this photo was taken. Let's just enjoy it for what it's worth, cause you just know Jagr enjoyed that. Now of course we kid (Jagr might get mad and yell at us on Outside the Lines) but hey, whaddaya gonna do?

Here's to another summer of rumors involving Jagr making his way out to Edmonton, and the years worth of Ray Emery jokes we have lined up. As always, for the rest of the He'd Hit That series, you can go right here.
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