Friday, June 26, 2009

He'd Hit That: Draft Day Edition

Well, since most of today's intrigue has been fueled by Darren Dreger and not Eklund, I guess we have to believe it. In honor of all the fun we're bound to have today clicking refresh over and over again, let's feature one of the guys who figures to play a prominent role in rumor mongering today: Tomas Kaberle.

Ok, so Kessel as a human breathalyzer test doesn't make sense, but hey, he just wants to get to know Kaberle's gal. Her name's Ilona I'm told. Kessel goes "I'll own yah." Silly fat Phil Kessel. Now both of you go get traded. Oh you enjoy immature photoshops of personal photos? Here's the rest.

We'll be back around for some quick hit instant analysis if anything goes down. So, um, come back?


Chris said...

Not impressed.

Vance said...

Yeah, she's kinda spooky lookin.

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