Monday, June 8, 2009

Geno Malkin: That Is His Name

So Vance is being really lame using our damn site to get him tickets...but go vote for the little bastard...he gets all giddy when he sees his Bears win. If you read our site, and you're going to that game...introduce yourself to Vance so we can feed our ego some more.

Aside from that, I caught word of an Evgeni Malkin song floating around in Pittsburgh. Living in DC, we don't really come across these things, but I was in Pittsburgh this weekend and heard about it. It's from the DVE Morning Show with Jim and Randy. These guys have basically been doing radio skits about Evgeni Malkin...called "Evgeni Malkin's Diary". I knew about these, heard them, pretty funny stuff...but this recent one makes me laugh because 1. It's a song. and 2. It's to the tune of that stupid ass "It's Not My Name" song. Enjoy.

Goofy stuff.
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