Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flyers Shedding Their Image

Or not. Word is out of Philadelphia that yes, the rumors may be true, that Ray Emery will be coming out of exile in Russia to join the Flyers. Rumors are usually just rumors, but now that Tim Panaccio of the Philadelphia Inquirer has gotten his fingers into Agent J.P. Barry, there's much more to it.

"Emery is here to say, bitch ass homies I'm here to play!" - Rizzle Dizzle Emery

Panaccio says "barring a collapse in negotiations" Ray Emery will be their starting goaltender. Bryan Murray talks about how he hopes that Russia made him realize what he had here in the NHL, and how truly lucky he was. Would you rather have poutine, Labatt's and French Fries with gravy or Pickled Beets and Vodka? Exactly, Raymond. Exactly.

My God though, read through the list of "off-ice" incidents is just hilarious. Charged with "stunt driving" in Ontario, road rage against a 65 year old, cutting off police cruisers, my God man.

But this leads us to the real fun, what to do with Martin Biron and Antero Niittymaki? A lot of Flyer's pundits feel Biron will go elsewhere and get a raise off his $3.5 million dollar salary, I'm not exactly sure where at this point. Niitty, if he could ever stay healthy, is a backup that's worth the $1.375 million. Now Emery cannot sign a contract until July 1st since he is a UFA, some free agent rule nonsense, so I suppose we have to wait a month to see how this all will play out.

Some other things to think about, what's Emery going to cost? $2 million? $3 million? Will eschewing Biron for the immediate and potentially long term savings give them a run at Bouwmeester? Can Emery regain his form that led the Sens to a President's Trophy and a run at Lord Stanley? Armchair Prognosticators Assemble!

But then again, what if Emery cleaned up his bad boy image? What if that 2.12 GAA and close to 93% save percentage also migrates back over from Russia and shows up next year in the Flyer's crease? Does that make Philly all the more dangerous given their offensive prowess?

But boy, don't you want Emery and Biron to share lockers next to each other? Now that's a locker room dynamic.


Matt said...

Isn't having "Poutine" and "french fries with gravy" in your list a little redundant?

I mean, yay, more Emery shenanigans. Evil Shenanigans.

Vance said...

That's for us American ignoramuses, and fans of SuperTroopers

Libey said...

The rumored deal is 1 year at $1.5 million. That's a pretty good deal for both sides. There's a risk in taking on Emery (and by FAR not my first choice for Flyers netminder next year), but its a low risk with this kind of deal. If he struggles, you dump him, no big deal. If he's great, then he's a steal.

Vance said...

What do Flyers fans think about Craig Anderson?

Played pretty damn well in back up duty to Vokoun.

Christ, just blow the Devils outta the water with an offer to Clemmensen.

Libey said...

Anderson or Clemmensen would both be great suitable back-ups.

Boucher has been rumored to be on his way back to Philly as well.

And then there's Backlund, who we signed to a 1 year deal, who many are projecting as the back-up for next year.

Vance said...

A cheap tandem may be the way to go in this case.

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