Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congratulations Hershey

On the same night the Stanley Cup was decided, so to was the Calder Cup, with about 20 minutes separating the two celebrations. My hometown Hershey Bears won their unprecedented 10th cup since 1938, and 2nd in years, by defeating the Manitoba Moose 4 games to 2. [Links to the highlights of all 6 games can be found here.]

Calder Cup MVP goes to the Washington Capitals other highly rated goalie prospect, the 21 year old Michael Neuvirth, who's 16-6 record, with a 1.92 goals against, .932 save %, and 4 shutouts led the Bears to the AHL's top prize. Alex Giroux (a UFA after this season) set the single greatest goal scoring season in AHL history last night by scoring on a breakaway about 10 minutes into the first, that gave him 75 goals on the season (60 regular, 15 postseason), so congratulations to him, hopefully he can find a spot up in the big leagues next year.

The highlights for game 6 aren't up on youtube, but the celebration is. Tell me these guys weren't playing for something.


Cory said...

Hershey Rocks! Been a life long fan. I must be down the road from you. I'm in Lancaster.....consider yourself added to my blog roll.

Cory from Cory's Hip Check

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