Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Both Series Continue on Friday

Well, to my dismay, both of these damn series are moving on. After 1,230 regular season games, the 2008-2009 NHL season will come down to a single game in Detroit. HIGHLIGHTS After just as many, the AHL season could be closed out in game 6 in Winnipeg. HIGHLIGHTS All the action goes down on Friday. Aren't you excited?

But like I said I would, if you followed along the old Twitter feed, I pretty much gave play by play of the Bears game last night, in which I was indeed in attendance. Thanks again people. I left DC at around 4:30, drove through a Tornado warning in Northern Maryland, and was handing my tickets to ushers while the Colors were being presented. Seeing how this is the AHL and not NHL, the game promptly started at 7:05, when they said it would, instead of 7:39 after 14 and Bridgestone commercials. Well I had to wait for the first stoppage to get to my seats. I took the time to snap a pic.

Not too shabby seats huh? Only annoying part...they gave out Thundersticks, my God, it's like people never saw such a thing before, anything they could hit with them, they would. Shit like that is what drives people over the edge.

So on to the game itself. The Bears dominated the first, looked to open up in the 2nd, then boom, in a 67 second time span late in the 2nd period, 2 quick goals from Grabner and Hodgson put the Moose up 2-0 after 40 minutes. Well, exactly how badly were the Bears outplaying Manitoba? Shots were 9-3 after 1, and 21-8 after 2, I forgot to take down the final tally. Eventually the Bears got on the board, with a Graham Mink garbage goal rabout 4 minutes into the 3rd, but Manitoba clamped down and played a solid defensive game, both aggressively and positionally, and kept forcing the Bears back down the ice. Jason Krog potted an empty netter with about 1:30 left to make it 3-1, but 19 year old John Carlson made it kind of interesting when a low shot beat the 1st star of the night Corey Schneider.

I will say this, the AHL needs to go to the 2 referee system. As much as you hate to see players behind the action take lame ass penalties, it was borderline ridiculous what this guy was calling, or should I say not calling. Freddy L'Ecuyer, you were abysmal. Manitoba Moose coach Scott Arniel said "it gets kind's old Hudson Bay rules" I don't know what the hell that means, but I bet it loosely translates to L'Ecuyer sucking at his job.

But all in all now we can look forward to an 8 o'clock start in Detroit and an 8:30 start in Manitoba.


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