Friday, June 19, 2009

Awards Recap or Something

You're not comin' here to see who won, you already know who won, outside of Chris Chelios, everyone who was at that ceremony had a legitimate claim to each award. So why am I writing this post? I have no God damned clue.
  • First off, who in their right mind thought throwing Alan Thicke's boy and Chaka Khan on stage would be a good way to open off this gala event? Like hey dipshits, this is hockey. How bout you just turn on Jock Rock Vol. 4 and be done with it? Boom, saved you a couple million in unnecessary costs and the Phoenix Coyotes all in one fell swoop. You're welcome.

  • And another thing, what were the escort costs for all those hookers in the room? I'm pretty sure these are hockey players; if Cale Hulse (who? Exactly) can score Gina Lee Nolan, then what was with all the mail order brides?

  • OMG Super Superlatives!

Damn that took a while.

  • Anyone else think Richard Zednik got shafted? I mean, Steve Sullivan made a helluva comeback, but Jesus Christ, Zeds almost lost his life on the ice! At least we know his wife is smokin'.

  • It's not that I thought Green deserved to win, it's that those are some sexy numbers he put up. I actually thought Chara deserved it, not so much for his season, but for his whole career under the shadow of Lidstrom's dominance.

  • Ethan Moreau is apparently a good guy, good for him. Also, any appearance by Pat LaFontaine is a good appearance.

  • I now know some hilarious stories after meeting Puck Daddy last night, can't share them in a public forum like this, but I'll tell you what, what a riot. Consider yourself teased.

That's about all I got this morning. We'll get back to not really posting anymore as soon as we can. Woooooo.


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